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Dental chain management of the brand

  Many people consult me ​​used to ask: "to let hang your brand?"teeth whitening light  This shows that people know the brand's strong appeal and high degree of public trust, paste brand will rapidly improve institutional visibility. However, dental brand national brand and regional brands, the brand-name industry and the public brand is recognized by consumers of the points of the brand. Small rabbit dental very typical within the industry, its popularity is almost a national, in the eyes of consumers, Micro Motor but she still regional visibility and reputation in the market radius is undoubtedly very high and outside radius, many consumers do not understand. And many service organizations, dentistry has a strong regional community, its radiation radius can be very far away, but the coverage radius is not very far away. This is a corollary question: is made to dental national and even global brand,autoclave sterilizer  must be institutions open to the country or the world. Associated with the problem after another, I say the following few questions.


 Dental chain management in the form of problems


    Generally in the form of commercial chain operations from the camp chain (straight), joined the chain, several forms of cooperation chain. Small rabbit dental year basic chain management chain forms of cooperation. Health policy restrictions, market access is very difficult to find suitable local medical institutions to cooperate in order to run the chain of institutions in a city,. Low barriers to entry in the market, and also began self-chain. Also have considered the the franchising form, but concerns the special nature of the dental business management, franchisees is difficult to ensure the technology, service, management does not fade, the fix will affect the reputation of the brand, there is no implemented. Currently, the Camry almost all self-chain form of Asian and African Dental implementation of self-chain form. Requirements to join the many, only a handful of action really starts.


    , Dental chain management resources assurances


    Dental chain operation successful or not, have a direct relationship with its own resources, especially human resources, especially qualified dentists and managers. If you want to run the number of chain, must meet the institutions needs of human resources. If the start-up chain of institutions faster than human resources, especially qualified dentists and management personnel training speed, will inevitably result in the dilution of resources, brand eclipsed the chain of cause crises, and even subversion. I have a few friends had committed the dental chain management, the infancy is truly brilliant, more than two years to open about ten chain, can not keep up because of technical and management personnel, wireless camera serious dilution of resources, the situation worsened, the lost city The landless, Although little economic losses, but the cause of this atrophy dust. Some people think that the country offered dental chain start-up, especially in large cities, some talent, can be resolved through recruitment. It sounds pretty reasonable, but ignores a very important issue, is the recognition of the personnel agency. The Chinese have a saying: "ruffled recruitment flag, its own to eat well." However, starting the chain of institutions to someone, it is important to have understanding and consciously implementing agency concept, to guarantee the institutional brand does not fade qualified employees, excellent staff. Committed to investing in the dental chain management, their human resources must have a clear understanding, there is a real valuation go to make up, not a crisis, it may be too late!




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