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What are the early symptoms of tetracycline stained teeth

Many of my friends know teeth tetracycline stained teeth of the disease, but many of my friends do not know the specific symptoms of tetracycline stained teeth, leading to a lot of friends missed the best treatment time, in order to better help the vast number of friends,dental equipment experts will be early symptoms in the explanation of tetracycline stained teeth, hoping to arouse the attention of friends.


What does the earlier symptom of tetracycline tooth have?


Type, and dose of 1 tooth staining degree and the times of administration of tetracycline. Generally, shrink to tetracycline, chlortetracycline tetracycline hydrochloride, a cause than oxytetracycline, chlortetracycline was coloring. In the permanent teeth,dental instrument the positive relationship between the course number and coloring degree of tetracycline, but a short period of large doses than long-term total dose effect service equal more.


2 anterior ratio of posterior teeth were deciduous teeth coloring, coloring and obvious than permanent teeth, because the teeth enamel thinner, more transparent, not easy to cover the tetracycline tooth essence combination of colors.


3 yellow, yellow fluorescence is bright in the sunlight,dental lab equipment then gradually changes from yellow to dark brown or dark gray. This change is slow, and can promote to sunlight, so the first incisor labial color.


4 tetracycline cause tooth staining and amelogenesis imperfecta, only in tooth development period administered to appear. Generally speaking, in the 6 to 7 years after delivery, do not cause tooth discoloration impressiveness.



The above is the tetracycline teeth symptoms for a simple explanation, the hope can bring some help to our friends, the expert reminds here: the vast number of friends in the treatment of tetracycline teeth must be professional oral hospital for treatment,lab equipment so the good guarantee for postoperative effect.

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Dental water become a hotbed of HIV to hide?

In the dental treatment and dental drill in hepatitis b, AIDS virus and bacteria to hide the fact that has been confirmed, then, Ultrasonic Cleaner pass strict disinfection of "one person one drill" whether can safe use?

On the afternoon of March 28, 2003, tianjin first central hospital dental center in tianjin to various news media published their research results during the year: digital ultrasonic cleaner pass strict disinfection of the dental drill, in use due to the turbine at high speed, will is treated patients in the mouth may have hepatitis b, AIDS, such as viruses and bacteria, "back" to all the water in the dental treatment system, the polluted dental water thoroughly,digital ultrasonic cleaner cd-4820 manual make strict disinfection of the dental drill is full of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in water. The fear is that dental disease in one's life is inevitable, almost 100% of people could accept dental treatment. That when it comes to dental water pollution phenomenon is a common phenomenon in the industry, did not cause people's attention, but harm people's health directly, the consequences will be dangerous, dental treatment interaction has become the hospital infection of high-risk areas.


Press conference

YanKai chief physician of the center provides the following reports data to the reporter: high-speed eddy fall out the drill of dental water system of water, by all sorts of pathogenic microorganism and pathogenic microorganism pollution seriously, per milliliter of untreated dental bacteria can reach tens of thousands of samples. These microbes from high speed turbo drill back to the suction effect and from the water. Inside the dental units, generally exists in the form of biofilm, such bacteria biofilm attached on the surface of dental water system, a large number of bacteria hidden in the membrane, the formation of bacteria grow in the environment. Foreign total calculation of biofilm bacteria, can reach 10 million per milliliter of dental water flora. Biofilm may fall off from the water inside at any time, and in the treatment of patients, after the drill. In the treatment of patients,lab equipment  the drill out the pollution of water, or directly to patients in the mouth, or to form water fog diffuse clinic, pollute the air in clinic, also pollute the medical staff.

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