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Suborbital space infections - Oral Surgery

Suborbital space located below the maxillary anterior orbital and facial muscle between. The upper bound of the inferior orbital rim,lab equipment, the lower bound of the maxillary alveolar process, the inner boundary of the nasal edge of the outside world for the cheekbones. There are gaps in the infraorbital foramen from the infraorbital nerves, blood vessels and infraorbital lymph nodes. Additionally, there are Traveling in the muscle between the inner canthus artery, facial vein and its ophthalmic vein, inferior orbital veins, deep vein surface transportation expenses.


1 source of infection

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Suborbital space infection came from maxillary canine and first premolar or maxillary incisor apical suppurative inflammation or alveolar abscess. In addition, due to perforation of the maxillary osteomyelitis pus periosteum, dental lab supplies,or bottom lip nasal purulent inflammation spread to suborbital space.


(2) Clinical features


Infraorbital swelling, often spread to the inner canthus, eyelids, malar skin. Swollen area of skin redness, tension increases, eyelid edema, palpebral fissure narrowing, nasolabial disappear. Abscess formation after infraorbital area can reach a sense of volatility, oral vestibule, buccal gingival sulcus often obvious swelling, tenderness, easily palpable fluctuations. A few can thus worn on their own, there is pus overflow. Infection and inflammatory bowel swelling due infraorbital nerve, can cause varying degrees of pain.


Suborbital to orbital space infection can spread directly upward, forming orbital cellulitis, also along the facial vein, angular vein,dental turbine, ophthalmic vein to intracranial spread of complicated cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis `medical education network collected.


3 Treatment


Inferior orbital cellulitis stage clearance from the local application of dental medicine and treatment for infected lesions begin; Once the abscess incision and drainage should be made. According to the principle of low drainage often in the mouth maxillary anterior teeth and premolars District vestibular mucosa turning point of incision, transverse incision of the periosteum of the bone surface sticky, use forceps to separate canine fossa abscess direction, so that adequate drainage of pus, NS rinse abscess, indwelling rubber drainage strip.

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