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It is terrible that Do not attach importance to the missing teeth

Most people missing tooth, cheek, lip no teeth hold up, will face under one-third of the distance is shortened, the appearance of collapse, the nose on both sides of the shallow trench deepened, was old and kind. Not chew food, dental lab supplies,milled only through the stomach and increase the burden on the stomach, long-term, may cause gastro-intestinal diseases. Single tooth is broken, missing, for the time being will not cause much harm, but if you attract any attention, complete teeth loss of any tooth will affect the functionality and efficiency of the entire system, such as a precision machine, and will also affect the stability and longevity of the surrounding healthy teeth. dental scalers.

Missing teeth problems encountered by many people, dental trauma is the main reason for tooth loss, which causes tooth due to destruction of the integrity of the dentition will bring different levels on health affected. If missing teeth are impossible to attract your attention, long-term laissez-faire ignore no end of trouble, the hazards of specific tooth loss mainly in the following aspects: dental store.

Affect the digestive system: When missing teeth or edentulous, the chewing efficiency of the human body decreases and even loss of reduced secretion of saliva, stomach and intestines slow down. That food was not chew into the gastrointestinal, will add to the burden on the digestive system, not only affects the absorption of nutrients, there will be severe digestive diseases.

Affect oral joint: when more missing teeth, the remaining teeth tilt, shift or to the opposite side elongation phenomenon, malocclusion, hindering the mandible stretched forward or left and right movement. Sometimes because of missing teeth on one side, the other side of the chewing, the formation of a unilateral chewing habits, with the passage of time can cause temporomandibular joint disorder.

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Affect pronunciation: missing teeth, especially front teeth missing, will make the effort to speak and do not know, this is less of a control mark because the tip of the tongue has lost its original pronunciation location mark the route of the air stream, so to speak sounds like air leakage.

Affect the appearance: all teeth missing, it may have serious implications for the entire face. Cheek and the surrounding muscle relaxation, lip, cheek retraction, drooping mouth, facial deformation and wrinkles, the whole person looks than their peers much older.



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