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Folk remedies toothache

Coconut Rugby plaster porridge side 3 


[Materials] salty coconut Lam 4, rice 25 grams, 50 grams of plaster,dental equipment for sale, Achyranthes 15 grams. 


[Approach] will be broken plaster and savory coconut Lam, Achyranthes together on the pot boiling, spur of the moment can be. 


[Function] Indications toothache. 


[Description] plaster, sexual Weixin Gan Han, can heat pathogenic fire, arrests restless thirst. 


Achyranthes, of bitter acid level, to liver or kidney, strong waist and knee, expelling line silt. Coconut Lam, astringent and sweet sour levels. 


[Function] detoxify the throat. 


Taboos during pregnancy. 


Square root of 4 Shanzhi lean pork pot 


[Material] Shanzhi root 15 to 20 grams, 60 grams of lean pork. 


[Method] add water soup, seasoning Decoction and meat once a day, even for 3 to 4 times. 


【Function】 heat purging fire, blood and pain. 


【Uses】 attending dental caries pain and toothache. 


 Salted fish head soup tofu square 5 


 【Material】 tofu 4, salted head one, dried cabbage 1000 grams. 


 【Method】 salted fish head washed, soaked for half an hour, cut into pieces, dental instruments,tofu washed, dried cabbage soaked wash and cut, the amount of water boil, put on the material, simmered for three hours, with salt to taste. 


 [Function] This clear soup stomach heat 


 【Indications constipation, wind, fire, headache, sore gums, dry throat hoarseness. 


Dial dental treatment complications party 


Qin Metaplexis stauntoni, windproof equal parts. Baking powder, and carefully sieve, fitted capsules, each capsule 0.3 g, 30 minutes before serving in the tooth 2, after the service once every six hours, a total of three days. This side for the prevention, preventing tooth extraction surgery complications have a significant effect, pain and swelling effects are obvious. Qin Metaplexis stauntoni significant anti-inflammatory effects on animals,ultrasonic dental scaler,while there are some analgesic effect, and no tolerance. And Corydalis, Aconitum compatibility, can strengthen the analgesic effect. 




Can not and milk served; loose stools and diarrhea Jifu.

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Suffering from "bruxism" psychological more easily frustrated

Researchers once 80 16-45 year-old patients and 80 normal subjects bruxism as a control group, do "Eysenck Personality" guillotine set. The results show that, introverted, depressed, especially emotionally unstable, tension and other personality may be an important factor in the pathogenesis of bruxism. 


Foreign scholars pointed out that when individuals evade subconscious psychological pressure, in a dream and sleep molars phenomenon occurs.ultrasonic scaler, Molars is a manifestation of mental frustration, but also patients must seek treatment Dr. Yu Xinli a basis. 


Some experts believe that bruxism is due to a reluctance expressed anger and hatred, represents a psychological condition, especially anger, anxiety, anger, pessimism and psychological conditions. 


With molar similar, many people will suddenly for no reason, "teeth", which is kind of bruxism. These people demonstrated subconscious psychological state, dental headlight,is a frustration and dissatisfaction, more serious than the average pessimism. Some people think that adult teeth are a feature of mental fatigue, should pay attention to rest and adjust their mentality.

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Several methods of self oral health

 Prevention of oral diseases, dental self-care methods varied, dental instruments for sale,now introduce some simple, better health practices. 


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Knocking teeth method: first meditation Jushen, slightly closed, and then the upper and lower teeth, gently tapping each other dozens of times, all of the teeth should contact force is not too large, to prevent biting tongue. Often knock teeth can enhance the teeth strong, difficult to loosen and fall off, the chewing force to strengthen and promote digestive function. 


Drums rinse method: teeth, mouth like substance, with cheeks and tongue do the movements, anti dozens of times, mouthwash have more saliva in the mouth, such as saliva mouthful, and then slowly swallow several times, initially could not much body fluid ,dental lab equipment, long natural increase. Drum rinse primarily to make oral more body fluid to aid digestion and clean the mouth, exercise the muscles around, plump cheeks. 


Tonguing methods: with the tongue in the mouth, the teeth, the left and right, up and down rotate back and forth until the increase in the next decade when the drum rinse or a few mouthfuls of a swallow. Tonguing prevention and treatment of senile oral mucosal disease, tongue atrophy effective, can stimulate the secretion of salivary fluid, nourishing stomach, spleen and stomach function helps and prevents bad breath, mouth pain. 


Gum massage: the need to be carried out periodontal scaling technique. One is when brushing your teeth, the bristles 45 degrees outside pressure on the gums, gums compression temporary ischemia, when the bristles relaxed local vascular dilatation and congestion,lab equipment, repeated several times to improve blood circulation, enhance immunity. Another is to use the index finger for gum massage, mouthwash will clean right index finger is placed on the gingival mucosa from the root to the crown and down and back and forth along the horizontal direction gums Rouan, followed by massage up and down, left and right of the inside and outside gums about a few minutes. Through massage the gums, gum tissue to increase blood circulation. Help tissue metabolism, increase of periodontal tissue resistance to external damage, reduce the incidence of periodontal disease.

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