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cosmetic dental become Fashion in society today

In the history of cosmetic dental cosmetic medicine experienced a total of four stages, the first stage is to emphasize the functional integrity, in a simple repair and restore teeth normal chewing function-based, such as "dental" dentures. The second stage is the primary beauty, such as ultrasonic scaling, and other primary metal orthodontic braces cosmetic dental techniques. The third stage is the high-tech beauty, dental implants, porcelain teeth, water, laser whitening and other cosmetic dental tech technology introduction. The fourth stage is the deep beauty, no longer limited to tooth itself, but extended to the whole mouth organ systems face jaw, teeth and even the entire face with consumers occupational characteristics, temperament combination,Nsk dental. known as "the first cosmetic dental Four revolution. " More and more people have likened themselves to the teeth "second face" through cosmetic dentistry, so that they have sufficient "face." 


Smile is the world's most beautiful symbol. Bright eyes white teeth, ancient and modern with demand. It is no longer respected laugh grin era teeth smile which played the role can be imagined, cosmetic dentistry has become a kind of fashion. According to the famous Japanese fashion magazine published the news, whether you have white shiny teeth has become a measure of beauty in the world. 


Which teeth fit beauty? If color is not good: tetracycline, dental fluorosis, yellow teeth, black teeth, etc.; shape is different: the former sparse teeth, dental deformities, severe dental caries, defect, deletion, excessive wear, dentition, gingival porcelain teeth edge black, short front tooth crown gummy smile too much time and so on. 


Currently there are three kinds of teeth whitening methods. The first is the most common scaling hospital, that equipment used to wash away the tooth surface due to smoking, tea pigment caused by the soft dirt and tartar, whitening effect.nsk handpieces. The dental porcelain teeth is suitable for larger defects, especially those with tooth loss crowd. This repair method if the production well, at least a decade or even longer can be maintained, but those who suffer from severe periodontal disease, loose teeth, or worse, it is unfit for porcelain teeth. For those not dental defects, tooth gap is not, mild missing teeth, etc. can be selected veneer, i.e. after the rubbed surface of the tooth portion affixed dental veneers, can keep the teeth shape, size and operating normally differences, but also can achieve color cover and fix defects and other effects. 

        Cosmetic dental very stylish, but the beauty and health of a no less. Experts advise those who want to avoid falling into the only beauty "porcelain teeth theory" and other errors. PFM is a good thing, but even the best can not be too much, too indiscriminate to do, like antibiotics, can not be abused, otherwise there will be a series of questions. 


Many cosmetic dental patients have no knowledge of possible problems, the doctor tried to induction and promises of incomparable beauty, and even unlimited exaggerated. For example: "And, like real teeth", "do conventional crown has a protective effect on the teeth", "life will not have a problem." ...... On cosmetic dental muddle accepted. As everyone knows, almost all domestic ceramic powder are imported products, as different countries products, its technology gap is minimal, really important for the patient is the doctor's level of technology and technicians. Like two painting, pen and ink, dental equipment for sale.paper and ink used are fine, but they can be a disparity in the value of the gap, the difference in what people draw so, in what kind of state of painting, this is the key.

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Seven strokes treat ulcers

How the treatment of refractory oral ulcers? I believe this is a lot of patient distress, then,Nsk dental. we will introduce you to the treatment of oral ulcers approach: 


How to treat mouth ulcers refractory one, composition: 10 g Radix 15 grams berberine herb Citrus aurantium 12 g 12 g 10 g soil Tony Peel Poria 15 grams 15 grams 20 grams of licorice 6 grams Radish Usage: decoction 200 ml, 2 pm service, a daily one function: heat and dampness, liver and stomach.  


How to treat mouth ulcers refractory Second, the composition: vitriol several grams  Usage: Apply vitriol ulcers, do research into powder, to prevent overdose.  Indications: mouth ulcers. Zheng Jian, lips, tongue, buccal mucosa with ulcers, swelling and pain difficulty eating, difficulty speaking, red tongue, nsk handpieces.slippery pulse string. 


1. Will be applied to ulcers little sugar 2-3 times a day. 


2. With a cotton swab dipped in a little Bingpengsan, painted in the affected area, although feeling a little bitter, but insisted 2-3 days, the wound can be healed. 


3. The garlic skin tear, take garlic wrapped in transparent film, deposited in the mouth ulcers. 


4 Chinese sublingual tablets, every 1-2 tablets, 3-4 times daily. 


5 Clean mouth, then use a sterile cotton swab onto the honey ulcer surface, temporarily diet. After about 15 minutes, you can swallow honey, then continue coated swab, one day can be repeated several times coated swab. 


6 Yunnanbaiyao topical oral ulcer, 2 times a day, usually 2-3 days recovery. 


7 Eat more tomatoes. 


Comments: Fall Droughts, mouth ulcers and more from the stomach on the extension lead. Sugar coated ulcers can form osmotic pressure, the inside of the excess fluid secretion, thus promoting wound healing. Bingpengsan by the borneol, autoclave sterilizer.Xuan Ming powder composition, with heat swelling, sore myogenic effect. Film contains volatile oil and garlic allicin, can be bactericidal, can prevent ulcers infection. China has a significant convergence of tablets swelling effect, can quickly relieve pain caused by mouth ulcers, ulcers while improving blood circulation, promote wound healing. Honey can promote cell regeneration. Yunnanbaiyao thirty-seven as the main ingredient in traditional Chinese medicine, anti-inflammatory to the swelling, pus Qudu. Therefore, these methods can reduce the pain of mouth ulcers. 

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Eating apple peeler equal throw away all the nutrients

1 apple


Apple is the best snack, because it is sweet, juicy, rich in fiber giving people a sense of satiety.


Most vitamins and minerals are hidden in its skin, such as vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron.


So, if you cut off the skin, then it will be all the nutrients are thrown away.


If possible, the best choice of organic apples,dental burs, and whole red or green leather chew.


2 broccoli


Many people can not digest raw broccoli, or need munch cooked broccoli.


Broccoli cooked food may be traditional way of broccoli, but this is not the most healthy ways of eating, will lose many nutrients logistics.


While enjoying this green vegetables, you can lightly steamed or fried a few minutes to cook the stems a little soft, but it will be more bright colors.


3 sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants,Nsk dental, but also has anti-inflammatory effect, therefore, it is a tuber vegetables you can not miss.


However, fried sweet potatoes is a healthy diet taboo.


Because fried foods contain a lot of fat and calories, so definitely not fried sweet potato strips orange vegetarian to enjoy this most healthy way of eating.


As long as you do not ground into mud the potatoes, add the butter and brown sugar together and helped to eat, stewed potatoes is definitely a good way to eat. You can also be steamed small potatoes or roasted whole potatoes.


If you want to eat fried potatoes very, here are tips that you can use the microwave baked sweet potatoes. Choose organic potatoes, its rind is rich in cellulose, you can safely indulge.


4 peanut butter


Eating peanut butter can quickly obtain protein, you like peanut butter tastes like?


Peanut butter is actually grind the peanuts you can, but if you do not pay attention to the product description on the jar, then it which also contain added sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils.


Choose natural peanut butter, peanut butter or their own grinding, to avoid unnecessary consumption of fat and sugar.


5. Beans


Sacred protein and fiber!


Beans inexpensive, low in fat, so they are nutritious diet is another good choice.


The problem is most beans are installed in the tank, nsk handpieces,they have endometrial BPA. Such chemicals can cause cancer, heart disease, can also lead to precocious puberty.


Canned beans sodium content is high, so the beans soaked or boiled is the best choice.


6. Preserves


When you want to use quick and healthy way to consume adequate amounts of sugar, the dried fruit is a healthy choice, but the premise is that the surface is not preserved wrapped sugar.


Be sure to select the preserved fruit without added sugar.


Sometimes you can judge by looking preserved, if in doubt, check package directions.

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