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Dental trauma treatment

Dental treatment should be considered traumatic injury may be, but to master the correct approach would greatly reduce the patient's pain and treatment costs. 


If the tooth by the collision force small,dental burs, usually no obvious reaction, just a slight percussion pain or loose, in a few weeks or a few months later gradually restored. Trauma occurs 1 to 2 weeks to pay attention to the teeth to rest, without teeth bite to relieve the burden on the teeth; obviously if loose teeth will have to be neutered fixed. After injury to regularly review, one year later, if the review is not abnormal teeth can not be processed; if signs of tooth nerve necrosis (ie crown discoloration or x-ray examination showed apical shadow), it should further do root canal treatment. 

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If the crown broken, a relatively small area generally do not treat. `Collecting Medical Education Network sharper edges if broken, in order to prevent scratching the lips or tongue, sharp edges can be adjusted grind smooth. If you break the larger,ultrasonic scalers, hot and cold temperature stimuli encountered who feel pain, you can start off with drug coverage to external stimuli, and then filling material in dental defects. For deep broken teeth, you can repair the GP consultation, with conservation value, root canal treatment can make full use of the remaining tooth repair; does not preserve, but to remove and then repair it. 


Treatment of dislocation of teeth principle is to try to save teeth. Partial dislocation of the tooth should be reset under local anesthesia, ligation fixed. After regular review, if you find tooth nerve has necrosis, root canal treatment should be timely. Embed dislocation teeth if root has not been fully developed, they can not forcibly pull the reset, so as not to cause more trauma. Response to disease treatment, regular observation, let it grow naturally, usually within six months of teeth can grow to its original position. Complete dislocation of the teeth should be immediately replanted. 


Dr. Zhang pointed out that the teeth away from the body the shorter the time, the higher the success rate of replantation. Clinical cases showed replanted sooner then the greater the chances of success have been reported after prolapse teeth replanted within 30 minutes, the success rate of 90%; 30 minutes within 90 minutes after the implantation success rate of about 40 %; than 90 minutes implant success rate of only 7%. teeth emerge if not immediately after treatment, should be properly preserved teeth will fall off, and then to the hospital. 


Teeth after leaving the body in a short time if we can reset allowed to recover blood supply, so get nutrition, may immediately "Resurrection", its function and sensation after repair with the original teeth almost. If not immediately reset, and should be placed in humid environments, such as the patient's tongue or mouth can be placed with a cup of milk or water. If the tooth has landed contamination, rinse with tap water should be in place,teeth whitening system, but it needs to be emphasized is not hand or cloth to scrub teeth, lost teeth can not paper, dry cloth or cotton cloth wrapped. Because periodontal tooth surface with a layer of cells, which acts like a tooth root and bone between the "glue" that, once placed wipe or dry environment it is easy to make necrosis, thus affecting the replanted tooth complex effects. 


Dental trauma occurred, the high probability of pulp necrosis, patients need to regularly check the x-rays pulp vitality status, if necessary, the need for root canal treatment. Some patients with insufficient attention, not on time review, root cause inflammation, swelling, pain, and even the formation of jaw cysts, and finally need extractions or surgery, greatly increasing the pain and cost of treatment.

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Total sleep drool beware hidden disease!

Life, we often see the baby drool, but grown up you still have time to sleep drool it? Especially lying on the table, lateral position when sleeping. Once in a while, though not any health problems, but if the long-term case, it may be the body's alarm. 


Usually causes sleep drooling, there are three factors: 

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1 anterior deformity. These people are characterized by sleep mouth slightly open, lips closed lax, front teeth exposed. Difficult to completely cover the mouth when sleeping in front tooth surface, upper and lower lip often naturally separated, it is easy to drool.lab equipment, This situation is best straightening teeth as soon as possible. 


2 Oral unsanitary. Sleep drooling, salty, pillow covers pale yellow, very likely due to poor oral hygiene cause. When oral periodontal tissue, inflammation of mucosal tissue infected, it will stimulate salivary secretion. Once such a need to promote the inflamed area topical healing, drooling situation will disappear automatically MEDICAL EDUCATION `education network collected. 


3 may be systemic diseases. Regulation of saliva secretion is entirely reflex, dental lab supplies,so that barriers to neural regulation may also occur during sleep drooling situation. Nervous system disorders occur when people sleep sympathetic excited, which causes increased salivation. It is recommended that exclusion time after the first two reasons to neurology outpatient, dental headlight,to identify the real cause drooling....

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Management of patients with dental clinics

        Dental clinic operations is one of the greatest difficulties facing the patient-derived problems, one is the number one is the quality, the quality of the patient but also contains the ability to trust and actual consumption and other aspects; dental laboratory equipment,either from the patient population with less , or from the poor quality of the patient population are difficult to obtain satisfactory operating efficiency. Therefore, increasing competition in the dental clinic operations, how to do your own dental clinic and patient management are important issues facing physicians. 

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        New patient with a problem, we have to help him solve a new patient becomes old patient. He will decide whether to come back and put on our appraise evaluation spread out. Sometimes we have won for themselves the trust of patients and happy, dental lab equipment uk,sometimes compared to patients due to errors caused by dissatisfaction with remorse regret. Again and again, we were gradually formed its own cycle balance.This is a natural process of accumulation, it is almost your entire clinic operations.You need to constantly reflect on, and continuously improve the level of service your entire team to adjust your items and prices, membership in order to improve your health after the operation and evaluation of the effect; we hope that through continued efforts to pursue more and better patient groups added ability to get you the best operating efficiency within and professional future. 


        Dental care is a very good continuity and stability of the service industry, it has the characteristics of longevity and sustainability. Training and management of dental patients will develop throughout the clinics and doctors always. Dental properties with the end consumer, consumer confidence emotional exchange directly, easy to produce high loyalty customers groups. Of course, if our performance is not good, also directly produce the opposite effect. In economically developed countries and more stable society, dental care operations less affected by the environment,electric Pulp Testing, the basic subject of the level of development within the industry. 


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