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Guangdong is the main Dental equipment and materials export provinces.

- Dental equipment and materials Guangdong is China's main export provinces. 2010, dental equipment,China's export of dental equipment and materials are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, the relevant exports of 1.28 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 20.81% over the same period of dental equipment and materials for 44.15 percent of total exports. Followed by Shanghai and Jiangsu, related exports were $ 57,944,300 and $ 32,307,000, accounting for 20.06% and 11.19%. Came in fourth and fifth place respectively, Zhejiang and Guangxi, related exports accounted for 7.7% and 4.1% respectively. 


- Export enterprises scattered, low concentration. In 2010, China had 1,000 enterprises engaged in export business dental equipment and materials, but no one can account for export share of 5%. Related Exports out the top 10 companies, whose total exports over the same period accounted for only equipment and materials of oral 24.46 percent of total exports, concentration is very low. Which is ranked first in a foreign Shenzhen Shun Industrial Development Co., with exports accounting for 4.02%; followed four continents denture (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Guilin Woodpecker Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., which accounted for 3.34% and 3.2%. 




China in the field of dental equipment and materials there is a gap with the developed countries. Medical Education Network collected in `normal resin product areas, the United States has certain advantages; bur areas in Switzerland advantage; denture products in the field,dental loupes uk, Brazil obvious advantages; the mechanic equipment, porcelain equipment, leading German; in x-ray machine, Italy has a unique ...... Magenta® Teeth Whitening Bleaching System LED Light MD666


Outlook 2011, the world economic situation is hard to predict, inflation expectations in the domestic economy under the influence of a number of business activities will be affected. In addition, as China gradually expand the scope of RMB settlement, U.S. dollar-denominated foreign exchange risk will be reduced. However, in Europe, the United States as the main export market, companies will continue to withstand the appreciation of the renminbi exchange rate fluctuations and risks, thereby enabling domestic dental equipment and materials industry is facing unfavorable competitive pressures. teeth whitening system,China's relevant enterprises such as to overcome the above difficulties, and actively introduce advanced technology and transformation of existing products, improve grades, and will hopefully make our products dental equipment and materials to maintain the existing import and export growth, maintain a basic balance of trade.

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Dental trauma treatment

Dental treatment should be considered traumatic injury may be, but to master the correct approach would greatly reduce the patient's pain and treatment costs. 


If the tooth by the collision force small,dental burs, usually no obvious reaction, just a slight percussion pain or loose, in a few weeks or a few months later gradually restored. Trauma occurs 1 to 2 weeks to pay attention to the teeth to rest, without teeth bite to relieve the burden on the teeth; obviously if loose teeth will have to be neutered fixed. After injury to regularly review, one year later, if the review is not abnormal teeth can not be processed; if signs of tooth nerve necrosis (ie crown discoloration or x-ray examination showed apical shadow), it should further do root canal treatment. 

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If the crown broken, a relatively small area generally do not treat. `Collecting Medical Education Network sharper edges if broken, in order to prevent scratching the lips or tongue, sharp edges can be adjusted grind smooth. If you break the larger,ultrasonic scalers, hot and cold temperature stimuli encountered who feel pain, you can start off with drug coverage to external stimuli, and then filling material in dental defects. For deep broken teeth, you can repair the GP consultation, with conservation value, root canal treatment can make full use of the remaining tooth repair; does not preserve, but to remove and then repair it. 


Treatment of dislocation of teeth principle is to try to save teeth. Partial dislocation of the tooth should be reset under local anesthesia, ligation fixed. After regular review, if you find tooth nerve has necrosis, root canal treatment should be timely. Embed dislocation teeth if root has not been fully developed, they can not forcibly pull the reset, so as not to cause more trauma. Response to disease treatment, regular observation, let it grow naturally, usually within six months of teeth can grow to its original position. Complete dislocation of the teeth should be immediately replanted. 


Dr. Zhang pointed out that the teeth away from the body the shorter the time, the higher the success rate of replantation. Clinical cases showed replanted sooner then the greater the chances of success have been reported after prolapse teeth replanted within 30 minutes, the success rate of 90%; 30 minutes within 90 minutes after the implantation success rate of about 40 %; than 90 minutes implant success rate of only 7%. teeth emerge if not immediately after treatment, should be properly preserved teeth will fall off, and then to the hospital. 


Teeth after leaving the body in a short time if we can reset allowed to recover blood supply, so get nutrition, may immediately "Resurrection", its function and sensation after repair with the original teeth almost. If not immediately reset, and should be placed in humid environments, such as the patient's tongue or mouth can be placed with a cup of milk or water. If the tooth has landed contamination, rinse with tap water should be in place,teeth whitening system, but it needs to be emphasized is not hand or cloth to scrub teeth, lost teeth can not paper, dry cloth or cotton cloth wrapped. Because periodontal tooth surface with a layer of cells, which acts like a tooth root and bone between the "glue" that, once placed wipe or dry environment it is easy to make necrosis, thus affecting the replanted tooth complex effects. 


Dental trauma occurred, the high probability of pulp necrosis, patients need to regularly check the x-rays pulp vitality status, if necessary, the need for root canal treatment. Some patients with insufficient attention, not on time review, root cause inflammation, swelling, pain, and even the formation of jaw cysts, and finally need extractions or surgery, greatly increasing the pain and cost of treatment.

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Suborbital space infections - Oral Surgery

Suborbital space located below the maxillary anterior orbital and facial muscle between. The upper bound of the inferior orbital rim,lab equipment, the lower bound of the maxillary alveolar process, the inner boundary of the nasal edge of the outside world for the cheekbones. There are gaps in the infraorbital foramen from the infraorbital nerves, blood vessels and infraorbital lymph nodes. Additionally, there are Traveling in the muscle between the inner canthus artery, facial vein and its ophthalmic vein, inferior orbital veins, deep vein surface transportation expenses.


1 source of infection

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Suborbital space infection came from maxillary canine and first premolar or maxillary incisor apical suppurative inflammation or alveolar abscess. In addition, due to perforation of the maxillary osteomyelitis pus periosteum, dental lab supplies,or bottom lip nasal purulent inflammation spread to suborbital space.


(2) Clinical features


Infraorbital swelling, often spread to the inner canthus, eyelids, malar skin. Swollen area of skin redness, tension increases, eyelid edema, palpebral fissure narrowing, nasolabial disappear. Abscess formation after infraorbital area can reach a sense of volatility, oral vestibule, buccal gingival sulcus often obvious swelling, tenderness, easily palpable fluctuations. A few can thus worn on their own, there is pus overflow. Infection and inflammatory bowel swelling due infraorbital nerve, can cause varying degrees of pain.


Suborbital to orbital space infection can spread directly upward, forming orbital cellulitis, also along the facial vein, angular vein,dental turbine, ophthalmic vein to intracranial spread of complicated cavernous sinus thrombophlebitis `medical education network collected.


3 Treatment


Inferior orbital cellulitis stage clearance from the local application of dental medicine and treatment for infected lesions begin; Once the abscess incision and drainage should be made. According to the principle of low drainage often in the mouth maxillary anterior teeth and premolars District vestibular mucosa turning point of incision, transverse incision of the periosteum of the bone surface sticky, use forceps to separate canine fossa abscess direction, so that adequate drainage of pus, NS rinse abscess, indwelling rubber drainage strip.

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