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Dental water become a hotbed of HIV to hide?

In the dental treatment and dental drill in hepatitis b, AIDS virus and bacteria to hide the fact that has been confirmed, then, Ultrasonic Cleaner pass strict disinfection of "one person one drill" whether can safe use?

On the afternoon of March 28, 2003, tianjin first central hospital dental center in tianjin to various news media published their research results during the year: digital ultrasonic cleaner pass strict disinfection of the dental drill, in use due to the turbine at high speed, will is treated patients in the mouth may have hepatitis b, AIDS, such as viruses and bacteria, "back" to all the water in the dental treatment system, the polluted dental water thoroughly,digital ultrasonic cleaner cd-4820 manual make strict disinfection of the dental drill is full of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in water. The fear is that dental disease in one's life is inevitable, almost 100% of people could accept dental treatment. That when it comes to dental water pollution phenomenon is a common phenomenon in the industry, did not cause people's attention, but harm people's health directly, the consequences will be dangerous, dental treatment interaction has become the hospital infection of high-risk areas.


Press conference

YanKai chief physician of the center provides the following reports data to the reporter: high-speed eddy fall out the drill of dental water system of water, by all sorts of pathogenic microorganism and pathogenic microorganism pollution seriously, per milliliter of untreated dental bacteria can reach tens of thousands of samples. These microbes from high speed turbo drill back to the suction effect and from the water. Inside the dental units, generally exists in the form of biofilm, such bacteria biofilm attached on the surface of dental water system, a large number of bacteria hidden in the membrane, the formation of bacteria grow in the environment. Foreign total calculation of biofilm bacteria, can reach 10 million per milliliter of dental water flora. Biofilm may fall off from the water inside at any time, and in the treatment of patients, after the drill. In the treatment of patients,lab equipment  the drill out the pollution of water, or directly to patients in the mouth, or to form water fog diffuse clinic, pollute the air in clinic, also pollute the medical staff.

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steps of Root canal treatment

When your teeth pain when go to a doctor,dental handpiece  the dentist tell you often, you need to a developing tooth root canal treatment. Do you know what is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment for teeth, dental pulp, and root lesions in a treatment process. Root canal therapy is through the removal of root canal of necrotic material, proper disinfection, filling, root canal to grubbing tube contents to surrounding tissues of root tip undesirable stimulation, dental drill prevent periapical lesions or promote healing a treatment of periapical lesions.

Root canal treatment steps

1. Is the purpose of opening the access to remove the decay, dental handpieces open dental pulp cavity, easy to remove the pulp inflammation or necrosis. Opening hole shape consistent with dental pulp cavity form it.

2. Pull out pulp pulp removal was conducted in the case of painless. When necessary, take out the pulp under local anesthesia.

3. Root canal expanded expanding root canal's aim is to remove the pulp and dentine of infection. The wall is uneven, because root is easy in the sag area remaining dental pulp tissue.

4. Rinse root canal root canal irrigation is the purpose of using liquid pulp necrosis rotten rushed out of the teeth; Moreover, rinses also can dissolve a part of the dental pulp tissue, in order to achieve the purpose of further diminish inflammation.

5. Root canal root canal after pulp, expansion, flushing, root canal cavity basically clean, but the request from bacteriology, not sterile. Because bacteria can enter the dentin tubule, therefore further sterilization disinfection drugs on the strong, must be used to achieve aseptic condition.

6. Root canal filling root canal after the above processing reached a sterile, the purpose is to make sterile filling root canal does not become infected, so want to use to fill root canal filling material, to prevent infection.

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The dental professionals screened in particular to see if the children have any dental decay

The free dental scaler clinic will be held at the office of Dr. David Starkman.The exact location of the dental clinic is at 2870 Route 9, Valatie NY.The free dental clinic will be hosted in order to offer treatments to needy children, and to those without any type of dental insurance.This is already the fifth yes when Dr. Starkman’s office hosts such Dentistry from the Heart free dental clinics.

Patients without benefits will have the chance to receive the free dental work treatments they need.The free dental work days will be hosted May 3 and 4.The dental team at Riverlgen in Keswick is going to offer a wide range of free dental work treatments to patients who cannot afford it, and on both days the clinic will operate from 9:00am to 4:00pm.Some of the free dental work treatments include free professional dental cleanings, cavity fillings, and also minor denture repairs.Those who are eligible for the treatments of the free dental work days are patients 18+ years old.According to Lisa Shepherd, the staff knows that there are just too many patients out there in the community who need these free dental work services.

The free apex finder care treatments will be offered through the Mission of Mercy Dental Day clinic.This day will be hosted by the Charlottesville Free Clinic and the Virginia Dental Association.The free dental care clinic will be open to people who cannot afford dental care, either because the lack of dental insurance or the lack of finances to pay for the treatments they need.

Denjoy® Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator



Denjoy® Dental Root Canal Joypex 5 Apex Locator




1. Frequency operating system-0.1mm length determination 
2. Works in dry or wet canals
3. Adjustable LCD angle of view 
4. Self calibrating
5. LCD panel could show the moving trace of file in the canal
6. Autoclavable file holder to avoid cross infection
7. Audible warning system
8. Adjustable volume of the sound indicator
9. Excellence in working length determination comes with 5 different setting of apical adjustment aound the minor diameter.
10. CE 0197

dental tools - The very first patient who has been waiting for his ticket for the free dental clinic, was present at the office at 4:00am on Friday already, and the distribution of the tickets started only at 2:00pm.From here only, one can already tell that the free dental clinic has been a much awaited day, especially for people without dental insurance or the means to pay for the dental treatments they needed.At the free dental clinic, there has been organized a triage, and only after that were patients told when exactly to return and which are the exact dental treatments they will receive.

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