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How to choose dental handpieces

Now, the handpiece on the market more and more brands, so that everyone dazzled, various manufacturers have focused publicity and selling,autoclave sterilizer faced with so many choices, how to buy it?? Small two give you some advice, not written The place also please forgive me!!


     First, choose the handpieces must carefully examine the following basic principles:


Safety performance



The use of cost


First, the safety performance: critical,dental burs it is necessary to ensure patient safety, the second is to take into account its own security staff. Small two summed up what to pay attention to the following points:


(A) affect the performance of several cross-infection control


1 mobile handpieces selection and exterior coating, whether it can withstand temperatures above 135 degrees autoclaving. Metal or plating process inferior bad handpieces, after repeated autoclaving may damage the rear surface, use will affect the feel, not beautiful.


(2) whether there is anti-suction handpiece design:


Anti-suction design is actually sophisticated one-way valve, which functions as the heart or blood vessels inside the valve, only allows water to drain,dental instruments which can not be sucked back. This would effectively avoid cross-infection from attracting back. See the following references:


Prevention of microbial contamination of the dental unit caused by suction into the turbine drive air lines. Oral Surg Oral Med Oral Pathol Oral Radiol Endod. 1996 Jan; 81 (1) :50-2


The drive air lines of the turbine in the dental unit may become contaminated despite the sterilization of handpieces. The antisuction device installed into the dental unit was found to prevent the contamination.


    Even on the handpieces to a strict sterilization treatment, dental treatment units of the pipeline remains the risk of contamination! Anti-suction device can effectively prevent such pollution!


3, is it possible to receive professional thermal cleaning


Developed countries in Europe, has already been included in the thermal cleaning disinfection of dental instruments, cleaning standards. Significantly reduces the thermal cleaning in direct contact with contaminated handpiecess opportunities, and ultimately will become the mainstream. Therefore, a good cell handpieces must be resistant to heat hot water high pressure cleaning machine washing.



4 Is there a built-in filter


Advanced mobile bearing very sophisticated, so have higher demands on water quality will be in the handpieces into the tube designed to replace the built-in filters to purify water.


(Two), affect the treatment safety critical performance: mobile cooling device.


Each handpieces must spray, but if there is not necessarily a cool place. If the cooling is not good because of thermal damage caused by the pulp, causing prepared teeth after endodontic lesions in trouble. Moreover, this complication occurs, but also often find the reason. Because the operation is no problem ah!! Purchase observe:


Mobile is a few holes spray?Teeth Whitening Machine Four-hole course is the best spray, multi-point cooling, even a hole out of the question, the other holes are also to ensure cooling effect. But porous spray handpieces than single spray to be more expensive.



Spray-point position of the head in the handpieces? The position of the spray reaches bur? The direction of the spray is very important, a good handpieces asks spray stable and accurate, so as to ensure that water mist gathered at the cutting point, to achieve the cooling effect.



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There are new standards of dental clinic

Liu Decheng District:


I'm a dentist, in thirty-eight road opened a dental clinic. dental handpiece A few days ago to see Texas Daily on the board on a new standard for clinics, dental clinics would like to ask whether there are new standards?


Reporters Survey:


On the issues raised by Mr. Liu, correspondent to the Municipal Health Bureau to understand. According to the staff, the dental clinic also has a new standard, the standard is: at least providing oral treatment units 1 unit;dental drill least one obtain oral category practitioner qualification, after registration in the medical, health care institutions engaged in oral diagnosis and treatment for five years, the health practitioner; each additional two sets of oral treatment units, increased by at least a dentist; located more than four dental treatment units, and at least one has a dental physician professional and technical positions qualification of personnel .


Meanwhile, set a table clinic dental treatment units, floor area of not less than 30 m2; located more than 2 sets of dental treatment units, each building area of not less than 25 m2; clinic dental treatment units in each net usable floor area of not less than 9 square meters; housing layout set to meet hygiene and handpieces  Basic equipment includes curing light, ultrasonic scalers, air purification equipment, autoclave equipment; emergency equipment, including oxygen bottles (bags), opening device, dental pad, oral airway, artificial respiration.



In addition, each dental treatment units unit equipment: Dental chairs (With surgical lights 1, a spittoon, instrument tray 1) ​​a desk, high-speed and low-speed dental cutting device 1 set, aspirator device 1 set, three with a gun, physicians seat 1, Table 1 medical writing, oral examination equipment 1 set. Medical instruments meet one person, one with a disinfectant configuration. Among them, the clinical examination, disinfection supply and other related legal institutions signed a service contract, the services provided by other agencies, from time equipped laboratories and sterile supply room equipment.

more :Dental Fiber Optic Handpiece

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Dental chain management of the brand

  Many people consult me ​​used to ask: "to let hang your brand?"teeth whitening light  This shows that people know the brand's strong appeal and high degree of public trust, paste brand will rapidly improve institutional visibility. However, dental brand national brand and regional brands, the brand-name industry and the public brand is recognized by consumers of the points of the brand. Small rabbit dental very typical within the industry, its popularity is almost a national, in the eyes of consumers, Micro Motor but she still regional visibility and reputation in the market radius is undoubtedly very high and outside radius, many consumers do not understand. And many service organizations, dentistry has a strong regional community, its radiation radius can be very far away, but the coverage radius is not very far away. This is a corollary question: is made to dental national and even global brand,autoclave sterilizer  must be institutions open to the country or the world. Associated with the problem after another, I say the following few questions.


 Dental chain management in the form of problems


    Generally in the form of commercial chain operations from the camp chain (straight), joined the chain, several forms of cooperation chain. Small rabbit dental year basic chain management chain forms of cooperation. Health policy restrictions, market access is very difficult to find suitable local medical institutions to cooperate in order to run the chain of institutions in a city,. Low barriers to entry in the market, and also began self-chain. Also have considered the the franchising form, but concerns the special nature of the dental business management, franchisees is difficult to ensure the technology, service, management does not fade, the fix will affect the reputation of the brand, there is no implemented. Currently, the Camry almost all self-chain form of Asian and African Dental implementation of self-chain form. Requirements to join the many, only a handful of action really starts.


    , Dental chain management resources assurances


    Dental chain operation successful or not, have a direct relationship with its own resources, especially human resources, especially qualified dentists and managers. If you want to run the number of chain, must meet the institutions needs of human resources. If the start-up chain of institutions faster than human resources, especially qualified dentists and management personnel training speed, will inevitably result in the dilution of resources, brand eclipsed the chain of cause crises, and even subversion. I have a few friends had committed the dental chain management, the infancy is truly brilliant, more than two years to open about ten chain, can not keep up because of technical and management personnel, wireless camera serious dilution of resources, the situation worsened, the lost city The landless, Although little economic losses, but the cause of this atrophy dust. Some people think that the country offered dental chain start-up, especially in large cities, some talent, can be resolved through recruitment. It sounds pretty reasonable, but ignores a very important issue, is the recognition of the personnel agency. The Chinese have a saying: "ruffled recruitment flag, its own to eat well." However, starting the chain of institutions to someone, it is important to have understanding and consciously implementing agency concept, to guarantee the institutional brand does not fade qualified employees, excellent staff. Committed to investing in the dental chain management, their human resources must have a clear understanding, there is a real valuation go to make up, not a crisis, it may be too late!




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