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Eating apple peeler equal throw away all the nutrients

1 apple


Apple is the best snack, because it is sweet, juicy, rich in fiber giving people a sense of satiety.


Most vitamins and minerals are hidden in its skin, such as vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, folic acid and iron.


So, if you cut off the skin, then it will be all the nutrients are thrown away.


If possible, the best choice of organic apples,dental burs, and whole red or green leather chew.


2 broccoli


Many people can not digest raw broccoli, or need munch cooked broccoli.


Broccoli cooked food may be traditional way of broccoli, but this is not the most healthy ways of eating, will lose many nutrients logistics.


While enjoying this green vegetables, you can lightly steamed or fried a few minutes to cook the stems a little soft, but it will be more bright colors.


3 sweet potatoes


Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants,Nsk dental, but also has anti-inflammatory effect, therefore, it is a tuber vegetables you can not miss.


However, fried sweet potatoes is a healthy diet taboo.


Because fried foods contain a lot of fat and calories, so definitely not fried sweet potato strips orange vegetarian to enjoy this most healthy way of eating.


As long as you do not ground into mud the potatoes, add the butter and brown sugar together and helped to eat, stewed potatoes is definitely a good way to eat. You can also be steamed small potatoes or roasted whole potatoes.


If you want to eat fried potatoes very, here are tips that you can use the microwave baked sweet potatoes. Choose organic potatoes, its rind is rich in cellulose, you can safely indulge.


4 peanut butter


Eating peanut butter can quickly obtain protein, you like peanut butter tastes like?


Peanut butter is actually grind the peanuts you can, but if you do not pay attention to the product description on the jar, then it which also contain added sugar, salt and hydrogenated oils.


Choose natural peanut butter, peanut butter or their own grinding, to avoid unnecessary consumption of fat and sugar.


5. Beans


Sacred protein and fiber!


Beans inexpensive, low in fat, so they are nutritious diet is another good choice.


The problem is most beans are installed in the tank, nsk handpieces,they have endometrial BPA. Such chemicals can cause cancer, heart disease, can also lead to precocious puberty.


Canned beans sodium content is high, so the beans soaked or boiled is the best choice.


6. Preserves


When you want to use quick and healthy way to consume adequate amounts of sugar, the dried fruit is a healthy choice, but the premise is that the surface is not preserved wrapped sugar.


Be sure to select the preserved fruit without added sugar.


Sometimes you can judge by looking preserved, if in doubt, check package directions.

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Avocado is known as the "Oriental cream"

Efficacy: Avocado is known as the "Oriental cream", high nutritional value,ultrasonic scalers, taste good. Though its heat is high, but as long as the breakfast food, it will not be accumulated into fat. In addition, it contains fat-soluble vitamins are easily absorbed by the body, is a beauty, anti-aging goods. Xiaobian like the majority of female compatriots, are particularly sensitive to the question of age, 

5 Qingdu whitening Breakfast 


Menus: The barley add water to boil, boiling water after the other barley cooked soup was thick like you can (about one hour). Let cool swing refrigerator spare. Strawberries washed, stalks, cut in half, put into a dish. Poured into yogurt, barley, can be eaten. 


Efficacy: Strawberries are rich in vitamin c, plus it fresh and juicy taste, a bite,dental store, it becomes sweet and sour juice instantly make you melt. This channel is similar to our well-known milk breakfast cereal crisps, but we replaced the milk yogurt, cereal crisps will be replaced by barley. Because yogurt is not only nutritious, but regular consumption can eliminate stool flush toxins. Barley contains low in calories, high in fiber itself can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, remove the body of excess toxins, rejuvenating the skin. Xiaobian for fruit always difficult to resist the charm of sweet and sour taste simply can aftertaste full of a morning. 


6 anti-oxidation whitening Breakfast 


Menus: will be placed in salt water to boil, transfer a small fire, stirring pour 1 cup oatmeal, then cook for 1 minute while stirring. Close the lid of the container removed from the heat, cool 2 to 3 minutes. Appropriate to add milk to their own preferences, and placed three teaspoons grapes, 6 teaspoons almond slices and three teaspoons of honey and enjoy together. 


Efficacy: Breakfast cereal with milk is a classic match that nutrition another taste. In the supplementary calories needed by the body, they can also antioxidant, whitening skin. Xiao Bian special mellow like milk, holding a hot breakfast of cereal with milk, mouth will not consciously rise. 


7 Fresh Breakfast 


Menu: Apple cut into strips, boiled asparagus into the boiling water a little and let cool. The seaweed paper roll into a tube shape, into the bottom half of the alfalfa sprouts. Then add apple pieces, asparagus, and then put up the rest of the alfalfa sprouts, dental turbine,topped with yogurt and serve. 


Efficacy: now do is to eat breakfast, the freshness of the material higher, fresh fruits and vegetables not only taste but also nutrition out. Alfalfa sprouts are a common food ecological food production, rich in fiber, protein and minerals. Seaweed is rich in vitamins A, B1 can regulate body fluids, nutritional value is very high. When you pick up this breakfast, eat the first bite of crisp apples, asparagus, could not help but issued a heartfelt praise.

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Be careful not neglect periodontitis gingival bleeding

September 20,dental supplies uk, is the first 24 national "Love Teeth Day", the Ministry of Health goalkeeper this year's "Love Teeth Day" campaign theme of "oral health, happy family, care for themselves, to protect periodontal" dental health to be themselves ! It is understood that periodontal disease in the general population, the incidence is extremely high, if not treated in time, will not only cause premature tooth loss, even involving the whole body health. Maintenance of periodontal health imperative! 

Life, often encounter such a situation: bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, biting an apple or other hard things gums bleed. Many people simply think that bleeding gums is because brushing too hard or stay up late to get angry, so did not mind, simply rinse the mouth look on the bin. In fact, bleeding gums should not be ignored, is likely to periodontitis in trouble. Zhongshan University Guanghua School of Stomatology Hospital, Professor Liang Min said, bleeding gums are often one of the early symptoms of periodontitis, once neglected to delay treatment, patients will lead to loose teeth, and finally fall hazards. 

A strong nearly a month often toothache, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, feeling more and more loose teeth, and he thought it was lit, but the "lost gunpowder" eat a lot but still not go away, this to the hospital. After detailed examination,Nsk dental, the doctor confirmed he is suffering from periodontitis, some teeth have not reserved and must be unplugged. "Bleeding gums do not that angry? nsk handpieces,Still so serious, we need extractions do?" A strong very puzzled. 


Guidance Expert: Guanghua School of Stomatology Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Professor tooth Zhouke Liang Min 

Eighty percent have periodontitis general population exists on the need to beware of bleeding gums 

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