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The Future of the Dental Lab: What Trends Are Telling Us

If you’ve read anything we’ve published over the last, well, ever, you know we’re all about digital dentistry and where technology is taking us and our industry. Pretty much every industry is, has been, and will continue to see increasingly fast advances due to technology. The dental lab industry is no exception. Here’s a few things we see happening now that will really affect the direction our industry is headed: Nsk dental 3D Printing As a relatively new option in restorative dentistry, 3D printing is still in its early stages. When it does become the industry standard, it’s going to turn the dental world upside down–in a good way. Imagine being able to import a scan, design a 3D model, autoclave sterilizer and then print it all from one affordable machine. Say goodbye to storing and organizing countless physical models! The craftsmanship of the lab technician will see a shift from physical to digital mastery, but traditional skills won’t go away completely. The finishing touches on a case (staining, etc.) will still need to be performed with a trained eye and steady hand. wireless camera

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