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ask a prospective dental lab service provider

As a professional dentist, the quality of the dental products and services you choose will have a huge bearing on the functionality, comfort and aesthetic results you are able to achieve for your patient. It’s vital to know that in the dental laboratory industry, there’s significant variation from business to business regarding their processes, technology, experience and the quality of the components used. dental store And these differences make for substantial variations in how reliable, durable, attractive and fit for purpose each dental product is. To make sure you get trouble-free dental lab products that reflect well on the professionalism of your dental practice, ask a prospective supplier of dental lab services the following questions: Micro Motor 1. Where are your dental products made? Ask the dental lab if their dental products made in-house, or sourced elsewhere – perhaps offshore? Many dental labs try to cut costs by having dental products such as crowns and implants made overseas. This means the lab immediately abdicates control over the quality of manufacturing and components. What this means for you is that it becomes hard to be certain what’s going to be put in your patient’s mouth when the lab provider has not witnessed its construction first hand, Micro Motors and the product may well have been made in an unregulated environment with lesser standards than those that apply in Australia.

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