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Rethink Before You Drink!

Soda has been on of the leading causes of tooth decay affecting people of all ages. Soda’s contain acids and acidic sugary products that can cause cavities because it softens your tooth enamel. Remember those enamel commercials? The state how once your enamel is gone it’s gone forever?! Well, sodas’ cause this exact problem! We have seen so many patients who have tooth loss due to their enamel being softened combined with a bad oral health routine. Sugar free sodas are better than normal sodas, but still can cause tooth decay. zeta dental Soda consumption is on the rise especially with kids and teenagers. This target consumer is known to have a worse oral health routine than adults. Therefore, they are at a higher risk of tooth decay and tooth loss! Therefore, we have created a list of preventative things you can do to not suffer from tooth decay: 1. Substitute: dental scaler Try to substitute your soft drink with another beverage like water or juice. However, be careful what juices you drink because some can contain a lot of sugar. 2.Brush and Rinse: If you are going to have a soft drink with a meal or just during the day then try to rise your mouth with water. This will help remove the immediate effects of the acids on your teeth. Also, the best way to remove these sugars and acids off your teeth is to brush your teeth immediately after you drink your soft drink. 3. Fluoride toothpaste: dental scalers Try to use a toothpaste with fluoride because it will not only prevent cavities, but strengthen your enamel!

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