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Is Gator Science the Key to Dental Breakthroughs?

The developing tooth in the alligator consists of three parts: the tooth, the replacement tooth and a band of overlying gum tissue called the dental lamina. Using microscopic imaging, researchers have discovered that the dental lamina contains stem cells which are responsible for causing the new tooth to develop. Once a tooth is lost, the replacement tooth is able to make a smooth transition into the empty space while the stem cells in the gum tissue begin the process of forming another replacement tooth. The first step for scientists is to locate and isolate the specific stem cells responsible for forming a new tooth. dental products By studying this process in detail, researchers hope that they may unlock the secrets to tooth regeneration and will one day be able to apply this knowledge to artificially initiating tooth replacement. This would be the ultimate dental implant – a perfectly formed tooth which erupts in the exact spot where a tooth has been lost due to trauma or disease. ultrasonic dental scaler I’m one of those “lucky” people who has extra teeth in her mouth. Mine are in the form of two additional premolars tucked away deep in my lower jaw, absolutely unnoticed by anyone except every dentist who takes a look at my x-rays. dental ultrasonic scaler

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