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campaign stresses the importance of a dental visit

The campaign stresses the importance of a dental visit by the child’s first birthday, good home care, including brushing with fluoride toothpaste, keeping sugary foods to a minimum and getting routine care as a child grows. Virginia Garcia Vivar, a house cleaner and mother of three, was one of the first to receive a new Spanish language oral health brochure. It brought a smile to her face. “I speak a little bit of English, dental instrument but some people don’t understand what the doctors are saying,” she said. “To get that information in Spanish is really important to us.” Garcia Vivar was waiting for her oldest child, Brenda, 17, who was getting some routine care that morning. The mother said she was grateful that she found the county clinic when Brenda was a preschooler and has been bringing her children ever since. wireless camera Such safety net clinics play a major role in caring for low-income children and those without private insurance. Are there special events planned in your community to mark National Children’s Dental Health Month? Pulp Tester You might want to contact your local or state dental society or health department to find out.

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