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ban the use of dental amalgams

Preventing tooth decay not only helps people; it helps the environment, according to a newly announced United Nations-backed convention. Less tooth decay means fewer amalgam fillings and, from an environmental standpoint, that means less mercury waste entering the world’s air, water and soil. The Minamata Convention on Mercury – approved on Jan. 19 in Geneva and named after a Japanese city where the industrial release of mercury led to devastating health consequences – aims to reduce the amount of mercury released into the environment by mining operations, power plants and other industries and businesses, dental instruments including dental practices. The hazardous use of mercury in gold mining was a major focus of the convention, which requires governments to develop national action plans to ban the most harmful forms of mercury use. While the accord did not ban the use of dental amalgams, Micro Motors it called for nations to set objectives aimed at dental disease prevention and health promotion that would minimize the need for dental restorations. The treaty also called for research and development of mercury-free materials for restorations and for the promotion of sound environmental practices that would reduce the release of mercury waste by dental clinics. autoclave sterilizer

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