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Precautions before tooth whitening

Whitening is popular in Europe and America is one of the latest teeth whitening technology, which not only can remove the tooth surface pigmentation, while the deep reach into the teeth bleaching effect. Sticky exogenous pigment dyed endogenous pigmentation is more suitable to use whitening. A fast, safe, long duration, the effect is significant advantages. So whitening need pay attention to what? 1, if there is periodontitis, gum disease and other dental problems in patients not suitable for tooth bleaching. You may even want to X-ray inspection, look inside the tooth situation is suitable teeth bleaching. If the tooth is really a problem, you need to repair the tooth, deal with dental problems, and then bleached. Otherwise, it may lead to dental problems intensified. zeta dental 2, first go to the dentist. This is because not everyone is suitable for tooth bleaching. Sometimes, after the failure of tooth bleaching will cause uneven tooth color. Tooth bleaching most used in those people who wear dentures. dental turbine 3, the tooth bleaching may cause side effects occur. Some people will appear in the bleaching process sensitive teeth, or toothache. But when this process is finished, sensitive or pain will disappear. 4, finally, healthy teeth is not really white. dental loupes So, you do not put bleach teeth were too white. Otherwise, it would be very unnatural

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