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Establish standards for the management of oral infection process

Outpatient dental hospital infection management is one of the key departments of many blood-borne diseases are available through stained with blood, body fluids of dental instruments and medical personnel spread between hands cause cross-infection. According to the Ministry of Health, the "hospital infection management practices," "disinfection technical specifications", "medical dental medical instruments disinfection practices" as the basis, the dental hospital disinfection and isolation, environmental layout, occupational exposure protection, medical waste management and so were the norm. An oral infection managed to establish standard procedures Dental clinic Dental clinic management is a set of screening, diagnosis, treatment as one space. Dental clinic reasonable layout, dental instruments you can clean the area and to avoid cross-contaminated. Patient treatment chair should maintain a distance 5 ~ 6 m space between the two patient chair scrubbed off easily separated, dental handpiece so that not only protect the patient's privacy and well put an end to inter-patient cross-infection. There are three hospital 30 m2 large clinics and four separate small clinic, a large clinic, doctor placed two chairs. Clinic regular daily air ventilation, ultraviolet disinfection 1, time 1 h. Daily work with water before wiping window sills, dental drill door handles, tables and chairs, treatment chairs, floors. Spittoon clean water after use, before work daily with 500 mg chlorine disinfectant disinfection.

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