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Governance dental health clubs can also travel


"Toothache is not a disease, pain that is so terrible,"root canal treatment. a tooth becomes a problem, not only time-consuming to treat, but also stay away from a variety of cuisines key. Recently, the country's first dental treatment will combine with food and medical tourism will be located in Chengdu established. According to the person in charge, Ms. She put treatment combined with tourism gourmet treatment modalities in foreign countries has prevailed for many years, but there is also a vacancy in the country, "The medical model in China will create a new market." 


Mr. Chang has left the Sichuan Chinese Americans 20 years, back to Chengdu this because dental treatment, not only was convenient safe treatment, but also to re-visit the beauty of Sichuan, Zhang introduced his therapeutic techniques used in dental implants Few in the United States, but also very expensive, Root Canal Endodontic."I did not expect the domestic dental treatment technology not only has reached the international advanced, Ultrasonic Cleaner.even the medical model is so advanced, I will tell the news to my American friends."...

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