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Enter into a defendant will leave the court before the case record


Xiao Shiguang lawyers said that if the implant medical malpractice occurs, the patient can request for civil damages, respectively,dental instruments for sale. to physicians and to the business of criminal negligent injury to the court to tell, once into the court that the defendant will leave a criminal record. "Court records divided into two kinds, known criminal record to determine sentencing record, lift told later reached a settlement, it is called before the case record, this record will always remain in the prosecution, the accused along with life, which is often overlooked by dentists . "


Xiao Shiguang lawyer said in earnest, in the era of consumer awareness is high, if the unfortunate event of medical malpractice, the physician should consider that there are any ways to remedy the situation, to take legal action before the patient reached a settlement to avoid a criminal record, even if the defendant fully refund, standing counsel's position, or will recommend implant physician acceptance, after all there is life, there is hope, there is money to be earned, the physician's credibility is permanent, not butt heads with the patient.


"However concession is limited," Xiao Shiguang lawyer emphasized that if patients have a big opening, made clear door extortion, dental equipment for sale.a number of implants frequently requires seven or more in damages, it is not necessary to concede it. Physician may seek assistance from the local guild by the Association of the Medical Committee for conciliation;, or to set up a mediation committee Township Office, Taipei City District Office Mediation Committee was to seek reconciliation. If these pathways are unable to reach a settlement with the patient,dental instruments for sale. the worse intention is to enter the health bureau, by the medical review committee for coordination.


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