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Woman dying tooth was found infected with hepatitis B

"If I go, my body can also make contributions to scientific research, so that more people from the hepatitis B virus torture!" October 9, 2011, who lives in Ms. solution Sifang, Qingdao, Shandong dying body donation will submitted a formal application for registration form up to become one of the few people with hepatitis B Qingdao body donation volunteers. The remains of her family's decision to donate all agreed,dental equipment for sale. hoping to contribute to the study of hepatitis B, so that more families from suffering. 


Last wish is to donate the body 


"I grew up is the" crippling "knew growing up in pain after the pain had these diseases, to think that one day he passed away, and be sure to donate his body to allow doctors to look and see Can the hepatitis, epilepsy and other diseases completely cured, so that more people are perfectly healthy! "lying on a hospital bed in downtown Qingdao Ms. Xie has good wishes. 


Relayed the good wishes of her husband Lee. According to Mr. Lee introduced Ms. Xie 44 years old, suffering from epilepsy since childhood, physical disability. In 2007, it suffered from hepatitis, deteriorating physical condition, decreased immunity. 


September 2011, Ms. Xie's body is getting worse. "Start eat, increasingly frail, dental products.she said last wish was to donate his body, so I accompany her on September 3 Fill in Qingdao body donation registration statement." Lee says, choking, "October 5 aggravate her condition readmitted, the hospital in critical condition notice, I was in the October 9 body donation table will be sent to the Red Cross." 


Seven meters only 70 pounds 


11, 15 am, reporters immediately came to Qingdao Central Hospital, in the emergency ward beds in the 3rd saw the remains of Ms. Xie donation. Because illnesses, Ms. Xie has been extremely skinny, skinny, curled up in bed, the name of drip, can only rely on ventilator to breathe. Her right arm and right leg muscle atrophy, right leg only mineral water bottles thick, long-term sick in bed with her still long coin-sized bedsores. 


Lee told reporters, choking back tears, the wife of about seven meters high, originally had 138 pounds of weight, but now only 70 pounds heavier. "It is now unable to speak, and occasionally opened his eyes weakly." 


Suspected tooth infected with hepatitis B 


According to Mr. Lee introduced in November 2007, Ms. Xie feel toothache, they arrived at a small clinic Lankao Road extraction. As doctors and clinics to talk to women, female doctors also think Ms. Xie pathetic life experience, it free of charge to Ms. Xie pulling a tooth. Ms. Xie was very grateful, but five days after tooth extraction, she felt dizzy, nausea, go to Sixth People's Hospital for an examination, was diagnosed with hepatitis. 


"Before she went to the hospital because of poor health often blood, never the slightest signs of hepatitis, but after extraction with this disease." Lee told reporters, as the tooth is free to do, so there is no medical history and no receipt , Ms. Xie clinics get no respect because the evidence is not compensable, this thing will come to an end with Ms. Xie bad luck. 


For medicine, family debt forty or fifty thousand 


"Every two months, I would go once a platelet donation." Lee said, "On one hand, I hope to be able to help more people suffering from disease; hand also take into account the need for blood transfusion after his wife in case, free blood, it can save a small fortune in expenses. " 


Lee reluctantly told reporters, as the wife of perennial medication, hospitalization, his son is still small in need of care, pension and other home parents need, he is the only one to earn money, about 2,000 yuan a month salary was not enough for the entire family overhead. 


"I have three credit cards, a total of $ 30,000 overdraft, even her hospitalization 3,000 yuan deposit, or am I looking for a good few friends borrow! Now even to eat is a problem." Lee told reporters that he now owed Claims about four or five million,dental suppliers. and his wife's hospital fees not pay, do not know whether his wife subsequent treatment continues.


Red Cross 


Hepatitis B patients can donate the body normally 


City, Red Cross staff Zhangshao Qin said that at present, Qingdao hepatitis B patients in critical condition when the decision making body donation is rare. "A lot of people may think that is kind of infectious hepatitis, had the disease can not be carried body donation, but in fact it is not. Accordance with relevant state regulations, in addition to cholera, smallpox and other deadly infectious diseases in patients not suitable for body donation, other non-communicable diseases Medical research would cause harm as long as not simply an organ donation, donate the body hepatitis B patients is no problem. " 


According to her, as at present, Qingdao successful body donation 228 people last year alone, 302 people registered to donate the body, the cornea. She advised the public to donate the body if there is the idea of good communication and family first before making any decision.

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