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Whitening toothpaste exaggerated product efficacy mislead consumers

Is "White Magic Motion" is to stain teeth? Insiders explained to reporters, "almost is the truth." The source explained, by the security and the actual usage restrictions, toothpaste impossible "for a long time, apparently to stained teeth", so this product is only nominal "use of results by tooth color and lighting effects. " In actual use, "Unless special yellow teeth, wireless camera.people may find that a slight change in the effect of the ordinary people can not see." As to why the ad is not the actor's already yellow teeth after use also significantly brightening of the "mystery "then that" These ads have been post-processing, the effect is exaggerated. " 


Reporters also learned that with the technical processing product spokesperson to reflect the product's "cosmetic" feature in the whole cosmetic industry are relatively common. For example, this year, the British Broadcasting Standards Authority banned a number of "post-beautification excessive, misleading consumers" cosmetics advertising, including celebrity endorsements Julia Roberts Lancome Miracle tulle liquid foundation, supermodel Christy Terrington endorsement Maybelline anti-aging Foundation "The Eras-er". root canal treatment.Subsequently, an enterprise recognizes someone's taken in the ad "to brighten the skin, beautify makeup, reduce shadows, smooth lips, eyebrows deepened" and other post-processing, as well as companies admitted shooting ads "good light." Visible, even international big names, the use of those products may not be able to achieve "immediate" cosmetic effect, not to mention ordinary consumers? 


Consumers: teeth whitening toothbrush did not turn blue 


According to "Jianghan Daily" reported May Miss Cai purchased toothpaste with her to find reporters that this is the Zhonghua toothpaste toothpaste white magic fast, weight 100 g. According to Ms. Choi introduced her April 4 in Shashi District, Business department stores spend 7.3 yuan to buy this toothpaste, also comes in a box of 40 grams of Hua Haoqing toothpaste. 


Reporter squeeze some toothpaste paste was seeing color, half transparent gel, half dark blue. Front of the box that says "proved once after brushing, teeth whitening rapid change." Side there are "the product may cause fabric dyeing" message. Ultrasonic Cleaner."I see TV ads saying 'time brushing, teeth whitening and more quickly' before buying." Miss Choi said that the initial use, the toothpaste is out of the blue, when brushing teeth instantly turns blue, blue Foam filled mouth. She rose to her thought, previously used toothpaste is white foam, which certainly has a blue bubble special features, or advertising on how to quickly whiten it says? After rinsing the mouth, she found the white bristles hit dyed blue. 


From the date of purchase, Ms. Choi has been used for nearly a month of China Magic Motion White toothpaste, but no teeth whitening. "Since toothbrushes are dyed blue, and that inside the mouth or even inside the body, will also be dyed?" Miss Cai revealed the inner fears.

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