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Professional dentists arrived colony

The first one arrived in the colonial practice of professional dentists are Wufendeer (Robert Woofendale),Pulp Tester suppliers. he claimed that he was Bode Moore (Thomas Berdmore) students that we mentioned earlier King George III (King George Ⅲ) dentists . Wufendeer arrived in New York in 1766, and in the same year on November 17, "New York Mercury News" (New York Mercury) Advertise on: "He can handle the teeth, alveolar fossa, gums and jaw all of the surgery, and the production of fixed, almost lifelike artificial dentures. "In retrospect, a 1700's mid almost daily newspapers advertise these medical practitioners major media. We now know that the first advertisement by dentists, appeared in the January 6, 1735, "New York Weekly Journal" (New York Weekly Journal), published by a wig businessman Mills (James Mills), He declared: "He can be both safe and extraction ...... can easily remove the old residual teeth." Shortly afterwards (since one thousand seven hundred thirty-eight ~ 1742), Pulp Tester manufacturers.White Braid (William Whitebread) also published in Philadelphia an ad, said he was "dental surgery" (operator for the teeth). 


Two years later, in New York, claiming that he had produced the first set of artificial dentures colonial Wufendeer return to England, and spent twenty years in the United Kingdom. During this period, he published "The practical observation of human teeth" (Practical Observations on the Human Teeth, 1783), which is the second most important after Bode molar dental textbooks, and we draw the outline of Dentistry In the eighteenth century, apex locator pulp tester.spread to the United States by the British very superior images. 1795, Wufendeer returned to New York, two years after retirement, and will pass on to his son practicing dentistry. 


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