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Why pregnant easily inflamed gums

Pregnancy gingivitis due to the increase in luteinizing hormone 

Women during pregnancy, estrogen (courtship elements),dental store, progesterone, human chorionic gonadotropin, etc. have increased significantly, to delivery before gradually returned to normal levels. Pregnancy gingivitis is generally believed that the body of pregnant women due to the increase in luteinizing hormone, usually manifested as simple pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy epulis two kinds. 

Pregnancy gingivitis often appear two climax period, one in the first trimester of pregnancy, one in the last three months of pregnancy. Early pregnancy,dental supplies uk, hCG significantly increased in pregnant women can affect gingival epithelial tissue integrity, and late pregnancy progesterone levels to the highest, therefore, pregnancy gingivitis is generally 2-3 months of pregnancy and childbirth ago the most serious. 

Gingival tissues, especially the interdental papillae, may be minor bleeding, redness, swelling becomes excessive hypertrophy, severe gingival papillae occur when the patient's significant proliferation, the formation of pregnancy epulis or granulomas, which vary in size, often dark red or purple color, the number can be more or less. Suffering from pregnancy gingivitis, due to vasodilation gums, bend, bright red or blue gums become red, the gingival margin and interdental papilla edema, depression when pressed while the gums bleed easily. Unless accompanied by acute infections, ulcers or pseudomembranous formation, generally no pain. 

This disease should be how to prevent it? 

First, pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy,Nsk dental, and insisted mouthwash after each meal, brush your teeth before going to bed to avoid food residues in the mouth acid fermentation. 


Pregnancy nausea and vomiting in pregnant women should pay attention to clear the retention of acidic substances in the mouth, can be used 2% sodium bicarbonate mouthwash to inhibit the growth and reproduction of oral bacteria, neutralize acidic substances, to keep the mouth of the alkaline environment. To use a soft brush, brush your teeth, do not use excessive force. Should eat some rich in vitamins and protein foods, such as milk, eggs, lean meat, in particular, to eat foods rich in vitamin C, fresh vegetables and fruit. When necessary, oral vitamin C tablets. 

Gingival inflammation or acute symptoms of pregnant women, should go to hospital for a medical treatment, but not arbitrarily taking anti-inflammatory drugs may cause fetal malformations.

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