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Be careful not neglect periodontitis gingival bleeding

September 20,dental supplies uk, is the first 24 national "Love Teeth Day", the Ministry of Health goalkeeper this year's "Love Teeth Day" campaign theme of "oral health, happy family, care for themselves, to protect periodontal" dental health to be themselves ! It is understood that periodontal disease in the general population, the incidence is extremely high, if not treated in time, will not only cause premature tooth loss, even involving the whole body health. Maintenance of periodontal health imperative! 

Life, often encounter such a situation: bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, biting an apple or other hard things gums bleed. Many people simply think that bleeding gums is because brushing too hard or stay up late to get angry, so did not mind, simply rinse the mouth look on the bin. In fact, bleeding gums should not be ignored, is likely to periodontitis in trouble. Zhongshan University Guanghua School of Stomatology Hospital, Professor Liang Min said, bleeding gums are often one of the early symptoms of periodontitis, once neglected to delay treatment, patients will lead to loose teeth, and finally fall hazards. 

A strong nearly a month often toothache, bleeding gums when brushing your teeth, feeling more and more loose teeth, and he thought it was lit, but the "lost gunpowder" eat a lot but still not go away, this to the hospital. After detailed examination,Nsk dental, the doctor confirmed he is suffering from periodontitis, some teeth have not reserved and must be unplugged. "Bleeding gums do not that angry? nsk handpieces,Still so serious, we need extractions do?" A strong very puzzled. 


Guidance Expert: Guanghua School of Stomatology Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Professor tooth Zhouke Liang Min 

Eighty percent have periodontitis general population exists on the need to beware of bleeding gums 

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