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Adolescent Nutrition and Vision

(1) selenium supplement: animals on Earth, Eagle eye is most sensitive. In this regard, biologists have found that after a long period of research: Its secret lies in the Hawkeye contains very rich in selenium,dental turbine, a hundred times higher than the human race. Selenium on the function of the visual organ is extremely important, dominant eye movements muscle contraction of the pupil to expand and shrink, the normal eye color vision require the involvement of selenium. Selenium is also a non-specific in vivo antioxidant glutathione peroxidase is one of the important ingredients, and this substance can remove the body (including the eyes) of peroxides and free radicals, so that the eyes from damage. If the human eye for long-term lack of selenium intake, decreased vision occurs and many eye diseases such as cataract, retinopathy, night blindness, etc. Therefore,dental loupes uk, the daily dietary supplement selenium should be noted, such as the multi-purpose animal liver meal, meat, corn, onion, garlic, oysters, fish, mussels, can increase selenium intake. 


(2) Eat more foods rich in vitamin A: Vitamin A is an indispensable material the eye, which is directly involved in the retina to form rhodopsin, which is the sense of weak light substances, vitamin A also has the protection of the cornea moist eyes The role of non-drying, if the lack of vitamin A, the lacrimal gland epithelial tissue damage, secretion stops, can cause dry eye. For the body is not a lack of vitamin A, can be more intake of a variety of animal liver, as well as cattle and sheep milk, egg yolk and all kinds of carotene-rich foods. Carotene, vitamin A is generated based on the human body can be converted into vitamin A,dental instruments for sale, these foods are carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes and green vegetables. 


(3) an adequate supply of vitamin B1 and niacin-rich foods: Eye lack of these two vitamins prone to eye flutter, visual retardation and other symptoms. And rich in vitamin B1 and niacin food, mainly wheat, corn, fish, meat and other foods. 


(4) to ensure the supply of Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 can guarantee the normal metabolism of the retina and cornea, in the absence prone to tearing, redness, itching, eye spasms and other symptoms. Vitamin B2 often found in milk, goat's milk, eggs, lean meat, kidney, liver, lentils. 


(5) Proteins are the basis of visual development: the eyes are important organs of the body, the normal function of the eye, the organization's updates without protein, if the protein is in the lack of long-term status, functional decline may cause eye, decreased vision, and the occurrence of each kinds of eye diseases and even blindness. Adolescence to protect the eyes, should be taken from the daily dietary start with a reasonable variety of meals, good eye health.

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