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choose the right food to eat ,bodybuilding teeth

Life, when you laughed, the smile never withered because of teeth. So,dental scalers, a beautiful white teeth is essential. Teeth fit criteria are: no tooth disease, neat, white, no periodontal disease, mouth odor, to carry out normal chewing. You may have one or more of the non-compliance, which led to not laugh, lack of self-confidence. Healthy teeth allow us cynical chew hard food, meat, raw foods, fruits ...... good chewing gum can enhance the strength, stimulate saliva secretion,dental headlight, and their participation in the process of digestion, the teeth play a bactericidal role. In fact, in addition to genetic factors, tooth color and hardness also depends on the dental health and eating habits. 


Healthy teeth depends on a balanced diet, a balanced diet, regular distribution of the meals of the day (in order to avoid snacking, four meals a day should be arranged: breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time) is very beneficial for strong teeth. In fact, it will help us to better resist stimulate teeth: enamel erosion, dental caries ...... fresh foods, such as carrots, red Piluo Bo or apple being chewed, when the friction surface of the teeth, in fact, played a clean teeth. In addition, lipids, certain proteins, minerals, and vitamin D has an antibacterial effect, limiting inorganic enamel discharge. 


Enhanced calcium and phosphorus intake of calcium is the main component consisting of teeth, adequate calcium intake body would, strong teeth. Eat fruits containing citric acid such as lemon, orange, plum and other help calcium absorption. Phosphorus is essential to keep teeth strong nutrients, is widely distributed in the food, if not a partial eclipse, can ingest rich in phosphorus. Vitamin D can promote the body's calcium and phosphorus absorption,ultrasonic scaler, to ensure the healthy development of teeth. In animal liver, cod liver oil are rich in vitamin D, may be appropriate intake. 

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