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Causes the formation of dental retraction

Experts say: dental retraction is tooth eruption fissure at the rear side of the tongue with shades of depression. Common in the amount of lateral incisor, and occasionally also occur in the upper central incisor or canine collar. Its generating mechanism is unknown, it may be a while during tooth development, enamel organ occurs or excessive local proliferation of stacked volumes, dental instrument,due to the nipple deep into it. 

First, clinical manifestations 

Kawasaki shape can be divided clinically lingual fossa, Kawasaki-shaped tip of the tongue side, Kawasaki-shaped grooves and tooth root surfaces of teeth. 

(A) Kawasaki-shaped lingual fossa 

The tongue side of the nest was small cystic depression, easy to stay food residue, is conducive to the formation of plaque, while lingual fossa tooth structure itself may be stunted, often caused by caries, pulpitis, pulp necrosis or periapical disease. 

(Two) Kawasaki-shaped tip of the tongue side 

Is tapered tongue protrusion protuberance at the tip of the tongue to form an exception. dental lab supplies,Tongue often within the pulp tissue ingrowth, forming pulp horn, Kawasaki-shaped tip of the tongue side of the break or wear easily due to occlusion caused by endodontic or periapical disease. 

(Three) Kawasaki-shaped groove root surface 

From the tongue to the teeth lingual fossa eminence over the tongue to reach the root, can be extended to the root tip. Its shades, deep roots may be split to form additional roots. The presence of root surface grooves are often the way to bacterial infection, causing periodontal tissue destruction. 

(Four) teeth in the tooth 

Teeth retraction is severe, teeth can shape tapered dental X-ray film shows another tooth in the surrounding image. But its essence is not to have another tooth was wrapped, but the depression formed after the tooth itself. Its voids formed into a good place for bacteria to breed, can easily result in pulp necrosis. 

Second, the treatment 

The formation of dental retraction increases the chance of bacterial infection, therefore, clinical treatment, you should first remove the diseased tissue cavity infections, ingrown site easy to stay completely clear structure. Then, dental ultrasonic scaler,as the pulp is exposed, whether the teeth are fully developed infections and were selected to repair or endodontic treatment. 

Sulcus deformity root surface caries and periodontal infection is an important way. Where possible, at the earliest possible method to eliminate periodontal surgery root surface groove, so that periodontal tissue attached to the root surface after the closure of the entrance of infected root surface can be protected from destruction of periodontal tissue. If the crack Goushen of apical closure can not be removed or should be considered unplugged.

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