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Suffering from "bruxism" psychological more easily frustrated

Researchers once 80 16-45 year-old patients and 80 normal subjects bruxism as a control group, do "Eysenck Personality" guillotine set. The results show that, introverted, depressed, especially emotionally unstable, tension and other personality may be an important factor in the pathogenesis of bruxism. 


Foreign scholars pointed out that when individuals evade subconscious psychological pressure, in a dream and sleep molars phenomenon occurs.ultrasonic scaler, Molars is a manifestation of mental frustration, but also patients must seek treatment Dr. Yu Xinli a basis. 


Some experts believe that bruxism is due to a reluctance expressed anger and hatred, represents a psychological condition, especially anger, anxiety, anger, pessimism and psychological conditions. 


With molar similar, many people will suddenly for no reason, "teeth", which is kind of bruxism. These people demonstrated subconscious psychological state, dental headlight,is a frustration and dissatisfaction, more serious than the average pessimism. Some people think that adult teeth are a feature of mental fatigue, should pay attention to rest and adjust their mentality.

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