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The purpose of oral care

 1, to keep the mouth clean and moist, making the patient comfortable and prevent oral infections and other complications. 


2, to prevent bad breath, mouth dirt, dental loupes,stimulates the appetite, maintaining normal oral function. 


3, the observed changes in the oral mucosa and tongue and special oral odor, provide information on the disease dynamics. 


Oral self-care ten-steps 


1 to develop good eating habits 


To reduce the frequency of eating sugary foods, because there are many bacteria accumulate on the edge of the teeth and gums, bacteria use sugar will produce acid erosion of teeth, causing tooth decay. 


(2) to establish good oral hygiene habits 


To keep oral hygiene, to master the correct method of brushing, mouthwash after meals do, morning and evening brushing, regular replacement of toothbrushes,dental loupes uk, flossing teeth completely remove food debris. 


3 correct brushing angle and action 


The toothbrush tilted 45 degrees, pressure on the tooth surface and gums, as far as possible into the gingival sulcus and the bristles between the teeth, and then along the vertical brush teeth and gently rotating brush, do not force too much, in order for each teeth to brush, brush every three minutes. 


4 Brush the outside of the teeth 


With proper brushing movements with the proper angle clean the outside of the upper and lower teeth, brush down from the upper teeth and lower teeth from the bottom up brush, brush each bit can be repeated 6-8 times. 


5 Brush the inside of the teeth 


Brush the inside of the teeth, still follow along vertical brush teeth and gently rotate the principle, not only attach importance to brush the outside of the teeth, do not attach importance to the inside of the teeth clean. 


6 Brush the chewing surfaces of the teeth 


With the appropriate force, according to the longitudinal direction of the brush chewing surfaces of the upper and lower teeth. 


7 flossing teeth 


Carefully floss to saw style action into the teeth so as not to damage the gums, dental floss and then attached to the tooth surface, moving up and down, you can thoroughly clean the teeth. 


8 Note the back teeth 


Oral behind the teeth also need the same attention, the completion of all the teeth cleaning, rinse mouth with water. 


9 used toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste 


Brush with a toothbrush can effectively clean the mouth,dental headlight, and do not damage the teeth and gums, toothbrush bristles soft and flexible, brushed flat, small brush, the bristles end rounded. Fluoride toothpaste with fluoride tooth enamel combine to make the teeth stronger, a good dental caries. 


10 oral examination 


Regular oral examination, the doctor will give you oral oral health guidance and assistance to ensure that your teeth and gums healthy and beautiful.

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