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The correct method of whitening is also safer than orange juice

Core Tip:dental instrument, Many people always ask a question before whitening, teeth whitening is safe. U.S. medical experts found that a solution of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is very safe, even more than drinking orange juice is also safe. 


According to U.S. researchers found that normal concentration of hydrogen peroxide used in the medical clinic or home whitening products whitening, teeth whitening process does not result in significant changes in the enamel. Instead, the researchers found that intake of acidic fruit daily practice enamel has a great negative impact on the teeth will become rough, hardness variation. The scientists, led by the Eastman Institute for Oral Health Research Group and the University of Rochester researchers, 6% hydrogen peroxide on enamel effect. 


According to the study group compared with patients, orange juice and hydrogen peroxide can not be changed towards greater surface hardness of enamel. 


The researchers used five days time, dental lab supplies,20 minutes a day and beyond daily whitening whitening technology (6% hydrogen peroxide), the study showed that the tooth surface hardness decreased 5.6%. And 20 minutes exposure to orange enamel surface is reduced by 15.6%. The researchers believe that the dangers of teeth whitening is negligible. 


"After drinking orange juice enamel surface becomes significantly more flexible and rough," authors. 


"Acid is very strong,dental turbine, tooth enamel was etched away." Said study leader. 


Further research also found that soft and rough tooth enamel surface more easily lead to tooth decay and other diseases as well as friction and wear.

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