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Myth: The more teeth neatly as possible.

If the teeth are arranged neatly at the same time, you can ensure dental morphology, size and other indicators are various other aesthetic ideal, then the teeth in order is the best policy; sometimes subject to various conditions, dental scaler,it is impossible to neatly arranged teeth or aligned teeth after a number of other aesthetic impact indicators, then the "neat" is not a mandatory requirement. There are many times, in order to highlight the personality, to avoid the "perfect teeth", the dentist will design some subtle malalignment, it will look more natural, more character.


Who is my smile designer?


Good aesthetic restoration physician must first be a good general dentist. dental scalers,Hard to imagine that complete common dental problems in work well done doctor can ten times more complex aesthetic restorations.


More importantly, aesthetic restorations Unlike oral therapy, it is not just technical work, it is the artistic work. A dentist may be a good fillings, extractions, dentures, but not necessarily give patients to bring beauty. We are the "beauty" of the design and realization of the right to the right kind of dentist was assured it?


1 accomplishment this thing still exists


From the "selling porcelain crown" to "create beauty", unlike the understanding and perception of beauty.


First, the affinity is very important. Aesthetic restorations mostly a complicated course of treatment, the first impression a good premise, and the doctor will consider your further contact.


Affinity and your doctor can become friends, which facilitate you know him from more aspects. teeth whitening light,Aesthetic restorations involving aesthetics, psychology, color science and other humanities. Artistic feeling is the same, if he is on photography, sculpture, art, drama and other interested, that he has a certain artistic cells, which would benefit his job, he may have "create beauty" essential qualities.


2. Practical experience - not to worry too anxious advantage


Aesthetic restoration requires a lot of practice. Generally speaking, do at least five years of dental doctors, it may reach a very basic proficiency level. On this basis, needs to be done about three years aesthetic restoration doctors, will it be possible to flexibly applied to a variety of aesthetic theory into actual cases - that is, eight years of work experience, including three years of aesthetics repair experience. If he is not qualified, it is best to change dentists.

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