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Hengda Cleo U.S. dental visit Durham

April 23, 2012, Guangzhou Hengda famous football star Cleo visit Guangzhou Durham oral America teeth, he is following the R & F coach Farias, Hengda foreign aid Muric, the third bit Sandilands U.S. dental football star,dental instruments, had just arrived Durham mouth, the audience of health care workers is tall, handsome football star who fascinated. 


Just visit the day before oral Durham, at home with Changchun Yatai in the game, only the opening 28 minutes, Cleo will be to Qiangdian, successful breakthrough guard, sent the ball the other side of the door for the ball team opened a good start. Hengda 4-0 final defeat Yatai, successfully boarded the integral first Super top. 


Despite a victory, but the whole game, Cleo endured intense pain after playing the game. After the game, he decided to give their teeth to do a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, so as not to impact on the course of normal play. So he asked his teammates Muric,dental turbine, Guangzhou, where treatment on teeth, good dental problems, Muric highly recommended Guangzhou Durham mouth. 


Curious, he immediately online google a Durham mouth, see the official website at Durham Durham oral Dean Professor Adi related presentations, know that Adi Brazilian president also, when he immediately made a reservation via telephone assistant dean of Adi His treatment of teeth. In the appointment time, he saw Adi president of Brazil between local languages happily talk. Then, organize medical assistance Adi Dean, patiently Clare dental treatment issues, and some of the defects of the teeth to conduct a comprehensive restoration. 


After he finished dental treatment, toothache problems have disappeared,ultrasonic scalers, mouth also feel cool and comfortable. Adi Dean told him that he was Cleo's loyal fans admire his skills. Cleo Dean for Adi grateful for the support, but also said: "The beauty of dental service here is very good, with my dental services in foreign countries, like the United States, the future will introduce more golfers come here."

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