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Dental Implant Summit

June 10, 2012, our hospital dental implant specialists Xue Qiming Director should the American Dental Association and the American 3I's invitation to go to New York to participate in this year's "Asia-Pacific Implant Technology Summit."dental instruments, As the summit area of China dental implants invited guests, Xue Qiming director only participated in the seminar, but also on personal career-related success stories became a doctor to do a detailed explanation, and published a "quick guide nanofiber technology used in oral implant research in the field "and other scientific reports, and fully represent China's oral implant restoration techniques have international convergence. In addition Xuezhu Ren was also invited to Columbia University and the American Dental Association, the Asian doing dental implant technology exchange seminar and visited the United Nations headquarters and the Robert Schattner Center. 


    It is understood that the medical profession as a dental industry's top technical seminars, the summit has invited a total of 169 were from the U.S., China, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other internationally renowned experts in implant participants, including Temple University Kornberg Dentistry College RoyH • Stevens, Ph.D., University of Vienna, Dr. Ulrich Schoop Dental School, University of Tokyo Professor Tian Ye are invited to participate in this meeting. 


According to the organizers of the arrangement, the summit from the "How to improve the survival rate of dental implants," "how to extend the life of dental implant", "nano-fiber conduction velocity successfully applied in the field of dental implant restoration", "U.S. minimally invasive painless technology used in dental implant "and other related issues in depth, in order to improve the field of human oral implants put forward constructive ideas,dental lab equipment, to promote the development of the dental world, building national dental career with the world's most advanced technology," Zero "bridge of communication the best implant technology gradually extended to the Asia-Pacific region. 


"Asia-Pacific Implant Technology Forum" as the highest level of oral Asia Pacific Conference, which was held, on the one hand by planting technology continued to improve international communication and discussion implant technology level, on the other hand to develop practical workshops planting outreach program, the international advanced technology to expand dental implant restoration to the medical level is relatively backward and poor oral health awareness in countries and regions. Xue Qiming, director, said this is precisely the purpose of the summit he attended. 


Before departure, Xue Qiming director of the Guangzhou Daily reporter in an interview introduced, according to Chinese Stomatological Association survey, 70% of domestic tooth loss in the elderly are present case did not affect a lot of people think that missing teeth,dental lab supplies, but do not actively seek solution. This reflects the weakness of oral health awareness. The World Health Organization in 2001, he proposed a "8020" slogan, that 80-year-old also has 20 good teeth. There is no doubt that China now dental health are far from this goal. He said that as a Chinese oral doctor, he has the responsibility to promote domestic dental implant technology improved.

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