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Total sleep drool beware hidden disease!

Life, we often see the baby drool, but grown up you still have time to sleep drool it? Especially lying on the table, lateral position when sleeping. Once in a while, though not any health problems, but if the long-term case, it may be the body's alarm. 


Usually causes sleep drooling, there are three factors: 

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1 anterior deformity. These people are characterized by sleep mouth slightly open, lips closed lax, front teeth exposed. Difficult to completely cover the mouth when sleeping in front tooth surface, upper and lower lip often naturally separated, it is easy to drool.lab equipment, This situation is best straightening teeth as soon as possible. 


2 Oral unsanitary. Sleep drooling, salty, pillow covers pale yellow, very likely due to poor oral hygiene cause. When oral periodontal tissue, inflammation of mucosal tissue infected, it will stimulate salivary secretion. Once such a need to promote the inflamed area topical healing, drooling situation will disappear automatically MEDICAL EDUCATION `education network collected. 


3 may be systemic diseases. Regulation of saliva secretion is entirely reflex, dental lab supplies,so that barriers to neural regulation may also occur during sleep drooling situation. Nervous system disorders occur when people sleep sympathetic excited, which causes increased salivation. It is recommended that exclusion time after the first two reasons to neurology outpatient, dental headlight,to identify the real cause drooling....

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