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The dental prosthesis overseas processing problems Australia

40% of the dental prosthesis from overseas - Australian dentists expected to pass legislation changing the status quo


    Hong Kong / Leipzig, Germany: In Australia,dental handpiece almost every second patient in the dental wear dental prosthesis produced abroad. Australian dentists are demanding government enacted new legislation to mandatory requirements of dentists to inform patients of their crown or bridge is where production. Current Australian Government for dental prosthesis control applies only to locally produced in Australia, dental prosthesis, does not apply to imports of dental restorations.


    In the Asia-Pacific market for dental restorations, dental lab equipment Thailand, India and China dental factory occupies a large market share. Close to the border between Hong Kong and mainland China in Shenzhen, China Factory is a large modern dentistry dental processing plants, with 3,000 dental technician, like this large processing plants are more and more customer service in Australia, making Australia's native plants difficult to compete with them.


Australia, a government report found that Australia's employment prospects dental technician who has been very stable in recent years, but the next decade, their employment opportunities might drop 50% of the.


      "Australian Dental plant will slowly losing jobs, which would undermine Australia's dental processing industry, which in turn will make those who still insist on living in this industry plants more difficult to maintain the previous dental business, dental burs they will not be work hard for low wages of highly qualified technicians find that their costs will increase further. "Brisbane, Australia, a dental implant surgeon Dr PaulMcKay science says.


    He estimated that dental factory located near Brisbane has a 40% market share has lost to overseas plants, the number and the number of reports consistent across Australia.


    Thailand and other countries, labor and material is very inexpensive, thus making these countries price is significantly lower dental prosthesis produced in Australia. World Dental Forum Asia-Pacific version of the Asia-Pacific region to access different dental plants when found, is currently produced in Thailand crown or bridge is lower than the cost of production in Australia, three to four times. Crown production in China cheaper than in Australia 10 times cheaper production. However, it is said in these countries tend to use dental factory nickel, cadmium or lead, heavy metals, these heavy metals are potentially toxic to humans, accumulate in the body can cause certain non-communicable diseases, such as allergies and cancer. Dr PaulMcKay said Australia patients receiving dental treatment in the country the right to know that they may have to accept lower quality from foreign products.


       "This issue does not explain the lack of ethics in Australia. Dentists have the power to choose where to produce prostheses," Dr Paul McKay said, "However, the government should require dentists to inform patients of their dental prosthesis is produced overseas."


In this issue of the Asia-Pacific version of the World Dental Forum before printing, Australia is responsible for monitoring the treatment of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals products Administration has not comment on this issue.

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