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Singapore government to recall imported mouthwash

Hong Kong / Leipzig, dental burs Germany: Singapore Ministry of Health issued a public health alert to remind consumers and medical professionals, gargle water pollution has been found to have imported the Burkholderia cepacia complex. In November of this year's routine quality testing, the Singapore Health Sciences Authority in three bottles of mouth care antibacterial mouthwash samples Kang found uneven, then, several groups of unsold Kang antibacterial mouthwash mouth guard was recalled. The mouthwash is Medimex Singapore Pte Ltd imports, dental curing lightIDS Pharmaceuticals Division distribution. 

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Singapore Health Sciences Authority, said at a news conference, contaminated mouthwash is located in Mumbai, an Indian pharmaceutical company Group Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., this mouthwash product label stating the product can be used to assist in anti-bacterial, adjuvant treatment of gingival inflammation, plaque, mouth ulcers and sore throats and other oral problems. Currently some of Singapore's retail sales this mouthwash,curing light dental clinics in Singapore national, professional bodies and the General Hospital also sell this mouthwash. 


According to the Straits Times reported, Medimex company refused to say a specific number of product recalls. 


Burkholderia cepacia is a gram-negative bacteria normally present in the moist environment, such as water and moist soil. Burkholderia cepacia harmless for healthy people, but for people with compromised immune systems of people with chronic lung disease, Burkholderia cepacia will bring health problems. Burkholderia cepacia infections often lead to rapid lung failure and death. 


Singapore Health Sciences Authority suggested the country's consumers and medical professionals to get this until further notice to stop using mouthwash, if people feel after using this product should immediately seek medical attention uncomfortable.

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