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World Dental Federation President Dr. Burton Conrod Assembly

I believe that every dental practitioner are sincerely believe that they are respected health care professionals. However, oral health care environment is undergoing rapid change, I do not know when the media coverage focused on spa services, dental instrument teeth whitening and dental tourism, the public's views on how the dentist's. Dentistry occupational status is a privilege, but it is not a right.


Dentist and patient to establish a trust relationship between the key is to succeed in improving the health and treatment of oral diseases, as a professional (rather than just a profession or industry) field, which relates to the public recognition of the dental profession, is very important.


I think that a strong national Dental Association chief value lies in that he was able to ensure that a dentist as health care professionals (not just the service personnel) to carry out the work. The law of success is not a simple formula, according to my observation, which requires dentists as professionals working together to improve the health of our compatriots, rather than compete in the market to make money.


Recently, I studied the Brazilian Dental Association and the American Dental Association, two of the largest FDI member associations, as well as Chile and Croatia Dental Association Dental Association and other two smaller member associations operating situation, grasp first-hand materials. I found them in different environments successfully promoted dentist become very respectful and ethical aspects of health care professionals, have some common characteristics.


The most important contribution of these organizations is that they can be in different areas of dentistry disciplines combined together. Academic institutions, professional associations, students, dental instruments and strong involvement of general practitioners in the public and establish a unified image of oral health, while also encouraging the professionals in ethics, science and practice to maintain coherence. Oral Health Dental Association must all relevant aspects of the field to keep in touch.


Student is to produce innovative thinking and a source of vitality, zeta dental they will lead us to continuously re-evaluate the content and methods of work. I visited 4 Dental Association, students are welcome to join the professional field, and give them great respect, enthusiasm and creativity to make their positive impact. In each country, these professional teams are a major contributor to scientific knowledge, but also a catalyst for lifelong learning.


In considering the interests of the dentist, but also must consider the public interest, and to cooperate with regulatory authorities to ensure this can be achieved. Dental Association to maintain good relations with the government, dental lab equipment this does not mean that we need to cooperate with the government to do everything, but when the government needs to make decisions that may affect public health, they usually consider national dental associations. It is difficult to achieve a goal, but it is the most successful Dental Association is a common feature.



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