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how many teeth whitening You know

Whitening is the use of low temperature cold light between 480-520 nm blue light, the drug penetration into the tooth tissues, so as to achieve the whitening effect. Is a kind of chemical bleaching, a certain damage to the enamel,dental curing lights but very suitable for endogenous pigmentation and other symptoms, with fast, safe, long duration, obvious effect etc..


Dental whitening generally have porcelain teeth whitening, patch, whitening (chemical bleaching) three methods. Whitening effect can be maintained for two years, for people who smoke or drink tea and coffee is love people do not recommend whitening.


Cold whitening is the main treatment for symptoms of endogenous pigment contamination, dental fluorosis.

 Teeth Whitening KY-M208A LED Bleaching System Floor Standed Model

1 whitening widely applicable,Teeth Whitening Machine for general external causes of pigment teeth, dental fluorosis can treat.


2 whitening high safety, low temperature, cold not hurt gums. Easy and painless treatment process.


3 whitening effect is remarkable, operated by professional dentists, whitening effect faster, more significant.


4 whitening treatment time is short, the entire operation process only needs 30 minutes.


5 whitening effect can be maintained for about two years.


If Cen oral 360 whitening technology:

Woodpecker® Dental Curing Light LED.D


If Chongqing Cen Oral Beauty Specialist 360 ° whitening technology is a popular in Europe and the emerging teeth whitening technology, if the tooth scheme Cen oral experts for the design of every tooth hairdressing customer quantity body character and medical aesthetic standard, let each of the teeth are like artwork like heaven,dental lab equipment sturdy and durable.



The advantage lies in the cold light whitening:

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