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Dr. Teeth Oral -7 days to your smile

Love, a favorite object and you do not want to get close to the total; interview, the examiner a tooth being picky see; lectures, students talking about your teeth; talk business, the ugly teeth almost let customers surprised. Discoloration of the teeth, irregular always makes you difficult to open. In science and technology development today,dental light cure beautiful teeth is not complicated, currently popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, Germany 4D Core carved porcelain technology, just seven days will be able to help you perfect teeth pretty beautiful teeth. If not witnessed, you certainly unbelievable.



 German porcelain 4D Core lithography using imported all-ceramic materials, carving through 4D digital positioning, and with professional beauty aesthetic dentists in strict accordance with the standard, according to the length of each person's teeth, tooth size for the overall level of orderly arrangement. From the individual concerned,dental lab equipment the cutting edge of each tooth, teeth, neck edge harmonic color, orderly and richer layering; overall speaking according to each person's height, face shape, color and design professional needs. Looks tooth-colored crystal white, toothless pattern, shiny, and their teeth cathartic.



For yellow teeth, black teeth, buck teeth, malformed teeth and affect the appearance of the teeth, the traditional sense of the beauty fixes have veneers, porcelain, porcelain and other methods, the traditional all-ceramic dental teeth due to a high degree of real similarities and increasingly accepted by people. But the traditional all-ceramic tooth from the detector, tooling, production, to try them, you need dental institutions and dental laboratory (or outbound processing) back and forth, at least 15 days. Germany 4D Core carved porcelain technology, greatly reducing the time beauty teeth, just seven days to the hospital twice, will be able to complete the US teeth become a reality.




It is reported that guests come through a professional cosmetic dental beauty Medical Center dentist checks, if need to make German porcelain 4D Core light Simply beautiful dentist teeth corresponding to the record of accurate data, trimming dental morphology, and then transfer the data to Germany (South Korea) teeth production center. Immediate use of computer production center designed, the computer command center will be based on the database, carved out very beautiful, perfect teeth inlaid body. 7 days after the US dentist will be based on individual occlusion do some necessary adjustments, perfect German porcelain 4D Core can be engraved with your companions, the whole process takes only seven days, you only need to hospital twice!




Why is the United States rather than the porcelain dental crowns?



In some people choose porcelain teeth also, when the German 4D Core carved porcelain has become Europe, America, Japan and South Korea fashion new choice. The past can only do tooth bleaching teeth whitening, veneers, light-curing, porcelain teeth, with the medical profession esthetic dental technology innovation, especially in Germany 4D Core engraved ceramic technology, the technology can make teeth in a short time missing, tetracycline become a real, white, straight teeth.



And ordinary porcelain teeth biggest difference is that it's bionic, its hierarchy, the color closest to the real teeth, did not stimulate the gums, the reflection of light is closer to natural teeth, and its excellent optical properties, excellent bio- blending, vivid colors, the reflection of light does not appear the phenomenon of anti-green, which many technical advantages unmatched beauty attracted many celebrity teeth, Review of the achievements of the thousands that make "teeth" of the U.S. dental star .



Turn back the clock back to 2000, in Germany 4D Core carved porcelain before, it has been in the images, software programming, grinding carried out five years of hard exploration, which is considered by experts as "vision, dental wax" eventually led to the German 4D Core carved porcelain ultrasonic scaler After 10 years of reform, there are more than 18 million people worldwide have received the German 4D Core carved porcelain beauty dental restoration. Its extremely broad indications can be seriously missing teeth, big teeth, tetracycline, dental fluorosis, abnormal teeth, discolored teeth, porcelain teeth fail, edge beauty blue tooth sculpture, etc. Again, the perfect interpretation of "tooth If compiled shell. "

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