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There are new standards of dental clinic

Liu Decheng District:


I'm a dentist, in thirty-eight road opened a dental clinic. dental handpiece A few days ago to see Texas Daily on the board on a new standard for clinics, dental clinics would like to ask whether there are new standards?


Reporters Survey:


On the issues raised by Mr. Liu, correspondent to the Municipal Health Bureau to understand. According to the staff, the dental clinic also has a new standard, the standard is: at least providing oral treatment units 1 unit;dental drill least one obtain oral category practitioner qualification, after registration in the medical, health care institutions engaged in oral diagnosis and treatment for five years, the health practitioner; each additional two sets of oral treatment units, increased by at least a dentist; located more than four dental treatment units, and at least one has a dental physician professional and technical positions qualification of personnel .


Meanwhile, set a table clinic dental treatment units, floor area of not less than 30 m2; located more than 2 sets of dental treatment units, each building area of not less than 25 m2; clinic dental treatment units in each net usable floor area of not less than 9 square meters; housing layout set to meet hygiene and handpieces  Basic equipment includes curing light, ultrasonic scalers, air purification equipment, autoclave equipment; emergency equipment, including oxygen bottles (bags), opening device, dental pad, oral airway, artificial respiration.



In addition, each dental treatment units unit equipment: Dental chairs (With surgical lights 1, a spittoon, instrument tray 1) ​​a desk, high-speed and low-speed dental cutting device 1 set, aspirator device 1 set, three with a gun, physicians seat 1, Table 1 medical writing, oral examination equipment 1 set. Medical instruments meet one person, one with a disinfectant configuration. Among them, the clinical examination, disinfection supply and other related legal institutions signed a service contract, the services provided by other agencies, from time equipped laboratories and sterile supply room equipment.

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