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Good toothbrush should be like this


If we compare the attention is not hard to find, the toothbrushes on the market, all kinds, whether it is the price and sample, size, and I believe you will be at a loss, and, if our toothbrush to choose good, the effect will be far greater than the role of toothpaste. So, how to choose a best, the most suitable for our own toothbrush?dental loupes


First of all, a good tooth brush head front end should be obtuse. teeth whitening system The toothbrush head length should be 2.5 3.2 cm, width is 0.8 1 cm, with 2 to 4 rows of bristles, each row 5-12 brush, brush head front end should be obtuse. Who are on the market square, triangular toothbrush brush head is best not to buy it. Second, electronic apex locator toothbrushes to contour the bristles are in each group. Now toothbrush, brush bristles bend and the central area on both sides shorter are common, but studies suggest that this type of toothbrush to remove plaque capacity is not big. Therefore, suggest or choose the same height as the bristles are toothbrush. In addition, multiple brush is better. The bristles are usually beam is arranged in 3 or 4 row, multibeam bristles better cleaning efficiency. Brush the top spherize can avoid straight cutting end friction caused by the gums. Finally, to choose good toothbrush, the key also depends on the bristles of the hardness, choosing a toothbrush, press with finger brush, such as fingers tingling said too hard, should not be selected. General brush handle and brush head with 17 ° ~ 20 ° advisable. Nanjing maternity and child care center Xu Xiangqin orthodontics

Above is just for ordinary people the best toothbrush, and for special populations such as periodontal disease can choose massage toothbrush toothbrush between teeth and gums, and mobility of a person, can use electric toothbrush. Appear in the market for some of the whitening toothpaste, probably in the clear on the tooth surface of the pigment has a certain effect, but may also harm tooth hard tissue and gum, therefore, should be careful when using.




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