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The prices of dentition fix

The prices of dentition fix Missing teeth repair how much money is mainly based on your fix. Dental restorations including malformations of the teeth, missing gap tooth defect or edentulous repair. (1) If you need to correct the situation: dental scalers children and adults corrected price is not the same, the children generally use simple functional correction on it, the adult correction may be more difficult. The general corrective Price three or five thousand. Of course, this price is determined according to the correction method you choose. Our method of straightening teeth a lot, correction of the self-ligating brackets, Invisalign invisible braces. apex locator These prices are seven or eight thousand million. Cen oral self-ligating brackets correction technology for the United States over the the "Miao Jie" smart self-locking orthodontic technology, the technology known as fixed orthodontic technology revolutionized the use of the technology for orthodontics, correction crooked teeth treatment can be shortened more than 6 months. Beauty crown: If dental defects, slight deformity or arrangement, dental tool such as missing situation, we recommend that beauty crown repair. Beauty crown is the best dental restorations. It is outside of the original tooth crown polished and then put new process. Has good biocompatibility, good taste and aesthetic effect, good retention. Cen oral use of Germany cerec3D tooth carving beauty crown, breaking the past hand-carved wax, porcelain, porcelain and other traditional procedures, the use of computer-aided design and production, a one-time completion of the prepared teeth, modulo optical design, grinding, try wear, installation procedure, the entire process as fast as one hour. Beauty crown is relatively cheap, the lowest 1,000 yuan. Of course you have a few thousand dollars. This is mainly to see the beauty crown material of your choice. Missing teeth generally need to complete the correction, the correction method is the method described above, welcome to consult the Cen oral online doctor to understand more about the problem of missing teeth repair price.

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